The Federal Government of Nigeria has refused to go back to the negotiation table to address issues pertinent to the University Education in Nigeria. Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) declared two week warning strike from May 18-31, 2009. The Federal government had at all times failed to show up at appointed times and venues at meetings scheduled to iron these cases, therefore ASUU began indefinite strike on June 24 till today. ASUU made the following demands, adequate budgetary provision for education, improved condition of service to minimize brain drain, university autonomy and academic freedom.

In 2006 negotiation, part of the agreement between ASUU and federal government is that 26% of Nigeria’s budget should be devoted to education, but his was not endorsed and presently, president Yar’adua says that he was not party to that negotiation then forgetting that government is transitional. If Yar'adua is spending money reserved by the past administration he should not forget that he must also pay debt of past administration.

Deacon/Elder Gamaliel Onasode, who represented the federal government during the last meeting in the Northern part of Nigeria says that each University should go back to the state governors for a new negotiation, the governors in turn threaten to sue the federal government if it agrees to any deal with ASSU because they cannot afford the payment of increment in lecturer salaries.

Most Nigeria universities are nothing to write home about, students who are standing outside lecture rooms are more than those sitting inside the lecture rooms while lecturers fight for who to teach first. It is not news that some state universities still mange to attend lectures under the trees, whereas our political masters sent their children abroad for better education, if American and European universities manage under the mango trees, may be these corrupt leaders will send their ward there.

To the poor Nigerian, The federal government of Nigeria has declared war on Nigerian educational system while we wait for the opening of their personal universities, at least Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida left office and open one, Obasanjo follow suits, he has secondary and The Bells University of Technology .

Welcome to the league of Proprietors Sir whenever you are ready to build yours but invite us during the opening ceremonies I know I will not be able to afford the exorbitant fees but I must report what I witnessed! Students and lecturers please continue to enjoy unending holiday.