Nigeria may collapse by 2011, and nobody is doing anything about it. Violence runs rampant across the country. Militants in the Niger Delta have better ammunition than the military and tribalism is on the increase. How can the nation survive?

The incessant, sporadic outbursts of rebels under different guises in Nigeria call for sober reflection and immediate action. Lack of respect for constituted authority, distrust and violence are signals of imminent danger.

But wait, we must not forget about the signals of collapse - a failed educational sector with Nigerian lecturers on strike for the third month after having called off a 6-month long strike in June 2007, crumbling medical facilities with non-existent infrastructure; as regards clear approach to primary health care, Nigeria ranked 187th among 191 WHO member countries in 2008, but spends N32billion yearly for medical treatment abroad, fraudulent leaders, insecurity, kidnapping, a high rate of unemployment, 76% poverty rate and failure of governance. Where do I stop?

It is as if Nigerian leaders used leprosy as a cure to ringworm – hunger and lack of development caused restlessness among youth but made criminals millionaires. The disarmament process of rebels in the Niger Delta lured rebels into amnesty with the promise of oil blocs. But Nigerian leaders’ said there was no way the federal government would pay for it. Rebels threatened to resume attacks on September 15.Who is sincere?

Religious leaders are also wreaking havoc while the government sits idly by. In Northern Nigeria Islamic fundamentalist and Jihadist, Mohammed Yusuf campaigned on the platform ‘No to Western Education’, converting about 540,000 followers. As he lived in affluence his followers wallowed in abject penury. Despite 21 security reports, the government ignored the situation and about 1000 Nigerians died from the religious crisis.

Nigerians do not expect the unreasonable from leaders, it is not when they keep goatie beards and wear three-quarter Jihadists trousers that we will begin to understand their ideals against western education. Why then is Nigeria backward? Why does it have the lowest life expectancy and highest level of poverty? Why does it have the lowest per capital income and highest child and maternal death rate? Why is the government indirectly saying no to western education?

And among the most basic needs, why is our power supply the worst hit with 148 million Nigerians managing on a meager 1000 mega watt; waiting eagerly for a presidential miracle to sextuple the supply by the end of this year? The power failure alone sent mammoth companies like Unilever, Dunlop and OK foods to Ghana. Some 820 manufacturing firms have been forced out of business in the past eight years, according to the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria, the cost of maintaining power generating set is prohibitive.

Nigeria produces 2 million barrels of oil per day yet there is no single functioning refinery in the country in the last ten years.

Nigerian activists are anticipating a Network of National Consciousness whereby tribalism is set apart, President Obama tells us to take our destinies into our hands, those same hands are tied but if Nigerian leaders refuse to listen to voice of wisdom to begin visible development ins the nation and adopt the Electoral Reform Commission’s (ERC) recommendations for 2011 general election then Nigerians will take their destinies into their hands and liberate our future from the clutches of corrupt leaders and practices.

What is wrong with the establishment of a new, truly non-partisan independent and impartial Independent National Electoral Commission composed of persons of unquestionable integrity? Nigeria wants political parties that must publicly disclose to INEC all sources of funding, including donations for purpose of transparency and accountability, also all petitions arising from elections should be concluded before the inauguration of elected office holders why not adopts the recommendations if our leaders are honest?

Considering all of the above, I am truly angry about our situation, Nigerians must declare perennial vigilance on our leaders, war on corruption and on lack of performance while seeking United Nation’s support. Nigerians must demand and believe they deserve transparency and accountability - the only components that would take Nigeria beyond collapse and beyond 2011.

This article is part of a writing assignment for Voices of Our Future, which is providing rigorous web 2.0 and new media training for 31 emerging women leaders. We are speaking out for social change from some of the most forgotten corners of the world. Meet Us.

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I don't think Nigeria will ever collapse definitely not by 2011. It has and is still going through failed institutions, corruption, lack of political will by our leaders and many more. We are the reason for our problems, ones we as Nigerians start to look at the issues as our problems rather than the Nigerian problem, then i believe you shall start rebuilding. First is to have one voice as a nation and stand for what is right. The nonchalant attitude and negativity of most is not going to lead us anywhere. Look at what happened in Iran, the people took to the street to express their disgruntlement with the regime but Nigerians just sit at home and complain, too much talk and no action.

You are angry but what are you going to do about what is upsetting you?



Yes, Nigeria will never collapse when we all come out to save Nigeria, Thank God you are a Nigerian, no more talk again and we work together actually I want to know where you are inNigeria so that we can come together to save motherland you know. Yes we can work together to save Nigeria. At least we all agree that there are many problems, bit no action, we can start from here ma.

Thanks always for your comments.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi Olutosin,

What a powerful piece! You have laid out all of the current problems in Nigeria and the drivers. I have learned so much about the state of your country from reading this Op-Ed. I sincerely hope that the people of Nigeria can take a stand against the government and as you say, "declare perennial vigilance on our leaders, war on corruption and on lack of performance while seeking United Nation’s support".

Thank you for writing this piece!

Love, Jade

Hi Jade,

Thanks for the comments, we will save Nigeria, th edestiny of motherland is in our hands, last week a Nigerian human rights activists died, according to record, he was imprisoned 29 times in 27 years but when he died even those who imprisoned him praised his doggedness.


Thanks Dear.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hello there,

I agree with Fatwaz, Nigeria will not collapse by 2011, it will never collapse actually. We want the sleeping giant to wake up! With all of its problems and instability, the people keep it going. Nigerian people are smart and they are persistent, they are holding the country much more than the government. By the way, Sudanese people say the same thing!:)

Don't worry, Nigeria is full of wonderful people like you and Fatwaz and many millions willing and committed to bring change to Nigeria.

best wishes, Kizzie


Thanks darling, Nigeria will never collapse, tah is why we are calling well meaning Nigerians and World citizens to act and not just wait and counting minutes.

Nigerians are resillient but we can not allow a strong horse to die just like that, we love Nigeria and we are our brothers keeper but we will not open our eyes and watch someone put long stick into it, are we going to pretend that we did not see the stick?

There is a limit to human endurance, teh more reason why we must act, today I heard someone say enough of talking keep on acting, it was in my dream, I said next time I Will not write again but go out there to demend good governance. Well are we going to say that Nigerian leaders do not know what good governance entails, if not why would they send thir ward to schoola broad and keep ours shut?

NIGERIA WILL NEVER COLLAPSE AMEN, but we have to work it out by ourselves.

Thanks Kizzie and thanks for the comment and believe in our people

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:


why must nigeria stay as one country? my prayer is that this devilish country called nigeria should collasp this night. i am a BIAFRAN citizien. Our God, the God of abraham, isaac and jacob has heard our cry. we the BIAFRANS want to go. Nigeria was never created by God, and as such can never stand.



Thanks so much for you time, we are one. God of Abraham is our God, we are His handiwork and He will work in our favour.

We cannot but be angry, but at the end of the tunnel there will be light. Ikenna, we can do it and we will. It is some selected few who wants to disintegrate Nigeria, but be calm, nothing can be received through quarrels. Nigerians are peace loving people, war can only bring the death of women and children. Do not forget that war only determines who is left not who is right.

We will make it.

Thanks so much

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

after reading and appreciating " Once upon a time " by Nadine Gordimer a South African national, mr Mba and the rest of us in class agreed that ... when injustice is the order of the day, man only creates room for rebellion. Floral Shaw did nigeria and nigerians the worst crime against humanity by suggesting to Lord Lugard to merge and appoint officers that would report back to him. With the advise of Shaw taken, we had the emergence of this evil begotten country on our hands.In our " constitution " we read ..... We the people of nigeria bla bla bla bla have come together... etc; can someone come forward and tell the WORLD when we as a people came together and agreed to live together as one COUNTRY ??? This is not a rhetorical question . All the ethnic nationalities of this foolish and stupid country had the golden opportunity ( like they say opportunity come but once ) to go there different paths in 1967 - 1970 during Biafran - Nigerian civil war, what on earth were the political leaders of Western Region and Mid West Region thinking then ??? Were they ALL in deep SLUMBER ??? or were there under spell ??? The truth is this Chief Jeremiah Awolowo had an INORDINATE AND VAULTING AMBITION to rule Nigeria. His calculation was, with the Igbos, the stumbling block crushed politically, he can then ascend the throne of POWER. Till he ' moved on " did he RULE nigeria ??? The only way forward is the convergence of ALL Southern Nigeria Political Summit and agree on a date we shall break and disintergrate from the north. With the way the country is set up, the north is the ONLY major beneficiary of this mere goegraphical expression, loopsided structure,God forsaken enclave, evil ridden,corrupt filled,lame duck presidency of yar adua. Except this is done, we in the South shall continue to be stepped down by the less educationally developed states of the north.The tribe of the professional BEGGARS. Ikenna

Dear Ikenna,

Thanks so much for the time taking to read the piece, from the deepest part of my heart, I want to tell you that God married the tribes together for a purpose, we are one, the only problem is leadership. If God can keep us this far, He will still keep us together forever, we are going to come together and channell a good course for our country.

To be honest what I see is what I write, but we cannot continue writing AND NOT TAKING ACTION, the more reason why we must act fast now, war can only bring destruction and death and setting pride aside we know that the present administration will still go teh way of the old ones, to beleive in them is to have hypertension but now let us come together, reason together, work together to create the Nigeria we want and love.

So so sorry to bring out old issues. I know how you feel I feel so too, it is really hard being a honest Nigeria, MAY GOD BLESS OUR FATHERLAND, IT WILL NOT COLLAPSE, WE WILL WORK IT OUT THOUGH, NOT A DAY'S JOB. It is my wish to write beautiful things about Nigeria, daily I wait for turn of event, so the world will read my column and be eager to meet those beautiful women and children, but it is well.

Do not forget, we will not work according to the current of the ocean. The North is still part of us, when we talk about the North please talk about the beggars too, the majority are the masses, we are one, they are not the cause of the predicament, we must carry them along, if those thieves remember them where there be beggars again? Our leader might have errer but we will collectively right the wrong. I am with you.



Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Ghandi says, "Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love."

I have this quote hanging in my garage (don't ask me why) and I draw inspiration from it often. There is a lot of opportunity in this emerging dialogue and I applaud your grace and openness. There is such hurt and pain in Nigeria... let us support you both in healing and finding a way forward.

Love, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Thanks for your beautiful heart Jenny, Ikenna will eventually become a great ruler in Nigeria because he will turn this anger to passion that will erode poverty and death from our land.

We will work together because we do not have any story for the children, it is a promise, no story to explain why we failed, all because we have beautiful heart, genuine and undilluted passion for the masses. No room for failure. Yes

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:


I honor your honesty in expressing your anger. I also sense frustration and hurt. I just want to reach out and say that I think that there is a lot of opportunity in this emerging dialogue between you and Olutosin. And that it doesn't have to stay grounded in anger and position.

There is such hurt and pain in Nigeria... let this community support you both in healing and finding a way forward.

I just shared this quote from Ghandi with Olutosin:

"Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love."

All my best, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations


My Dear Ikenna is still angry with the situation of things in Nigeria, immediately everything works out fine, Ikenna will love fatherland again, if it were you too, you will be angry, but very soon, I mean very very soon, Almighty God will work with us to work things out with Nigeria.

Ikenna and I will eventually love a healing ground on World Pulse, we love you and love this opportunity, at least nobody wants to read about Nigeria's problem whereas I have made up my mind never to be silent about the plight of my people. Though I HAVE NO MONEY TO GIVE THE POOR BUT THE WORLD WILL KNOW THAT THE LEADERS WHO ARE CLADDED IN HEAVY REGALIA GOING FROM ONE SHOP TO THE OTHER IN AMERICA HAVE WOUNDED THE HEARTS OF MILLION NIGERIAN for those who still believe that Olutosin is writing negative things and complaining and not doing anything, I still thank God for giving them the opportunity to do what they are doing for Nigerians, very soon God will make us relevant too.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi Jennifer,

I really appreciate your concern. You wanted to know how the community could help in this case. you could help by:

(1) visitng and listening to the past seven days broadcast, and you will see that 99.9% of our people want a republic of our own called BIAFRA.

(2)Using your connection in calling on the United Nations to conduct a referendum in the Biafran territory.

This will go a long way in preventing another civil war. Remember the1967-1970 Nigeria-Biafra civil war, how men, women and children were killed and starved to death. For mora details on the war search Biafra progrom on the internet. The US government has predicted that the country would disintegrate very soon, many people confirmed it, even Olutosin affirmed to it.

Already, the Biafran movement has decided to conduct a form of referendum come february 6th, 2010 in anambra state( one of the Biafran territory). As usual, the Nigerian government has treathened to unleash terror on us Biafrans should we go along with the referendum. But the Biafrans and the Biafran army have vowed to fight them back with the last drop of blood in her veins. So you know what that means, another brutal war on the continent of africa.

Remember,Montenegro got her independent from Serbia through a referendum, and southern Sudan plans to conduct her referendum for independent in 2011. So we the Biafrans have the right to conduct the same referendum for our independent.

I hope and pray that the world would act NOW.

Thank you



You are the instrument needed to build the fence of wall. Nigeria will not collapse the United Nations and the World can hear loud and clear because Ikenna is the best instrument to be used in building the wall of security and safety that is fallen apart.

We are in this together and in unity we stand. We will not die, teh children and the women will survive no one will unleash terror in teh Eastern part of Nigeria. The East and South South are going nowhere, we all are angry but anger solves nothing, the best is to come together, that is why God create mouth for talking, and two ears to listen twice.

Ikenna, it is well with Nigeria, with you and I as we come together for a better Nigeria.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

So grateful for reading and commenting.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

hello olutosin,

i want to ask you two questions, MUST NIGERIA REMAIN AS ONE?, was there any time in history that we Biafrans agreed to stay with the yorubas and hausas/fulanis? the big answer is NO. we the Biafrans wants a republic of our own. we don't want to be under the same umbrella with the yorubas and the hausas/fulanis SIMPLE. for more information, please visit


Dear Ikenna,

So so beautiful to meet you online but will personally love to meet you in person. Whether we like it or not we must remain one, the task to keep us as one must be won, they fought not you not me and no winner no vanquish, we love you and we must remain Nigeria QED.

Will really love to meet you, we are one, nothing will separate and I love everyone, Igbo Hausa or Yoruba speaking Nigerians, Ikenna, you are very strong, it is by hte grace of God, dont you remember the meaning of your name, God's power; the power inyou must be channeled in a positive way, to keep us together.

Nigeria needs you , we the suffering masses need you, in brotherhood we stand, our forefathers might have erred in not drawing any blueprint, we cannot continue to wash our dirty linen in public, we are inter married, the children are looking unto us, let us bury the hatchet and move forward, let us come together to fight our enemies, we have same enemies squandering our resources.

We have one umbrella, it is Nigeria, if we tear it apart rain and sunshine will erode our beauty away. I will visit the web address immediately.

Do not forget I love you.

One Love

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi Olutosin,

Good day to you. I have gone through thy piece and saw how strong your faith is in this hellish country. Now see the prism i speak from : As i send you this reply, I have been rung on generator in the past 4hrs. meaning electricity in this country is comatose. federal universities are on strike for 3 months.The roads are now gully pits.policeman stand by the road extorting money in broad day light.there is chaos everywhere on the streets.Traders display there wares on the ROAD meant for vehicular movement.A graduate friend has no job for more than 10 yrs. Seeking admission in university of ile ife some yrs back, i was told to cough out 60k., i.e about $400,hospitals are mere consulting clinics, no MRI equipment, Chief Gani that passed on was wrongly diagnosed if not for his traveling a London hospital he would not have known he had lung cancer, tried joining the Nigerian Air force last June despite scoring the highest score in my state, i was turned down, before that, I tried joining the Nigerian Navy, Commander Omole told us if you have letters from " official quarters' that you should bring them forward and those guys ended up been recruited despite spending 20k i.e $150 to travel from lagos to 82 division enugu, a country that has had lots of sectarian and religious killings and yet no one is committed to prison. All culpable person were discharged and acquitted.Of all the political leaders that were in office during the last civilian dispensation not even single one is jailed despite all the looting that was our national newspapers ???? My dear Tosin, I pray thee, thou face the reality that is Nigeria.

It past 12 midnight am still on generator no power from the electricity provider. What a country. I borrow these words from our formal national anthem " nigeria I hail thee "

Good morning. Ikenna

Darling Ikenna,

Thanks for your beautiful comments, I have faith in Nigeria, and I still believe that we are doing nothing, it is infuriating but will be worsen by the fact that we are not ready to work. Why not let us come together. WE HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON, YOU AND I. BELIEVE ME, IT IS THAT WE KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE COUNTRY. I complain a lot before but now I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU, because you and I know a lot about this country call Nigeria.

1, My darling, first thing first, we shall start to bless this country because it is exactly what the Bible says, bless those that persecute you. Ikenna, you are angry, mine is even worse because condition here is critical, I do not have generator to work with again so thank God you still have a generator, is not that beautiful and I do not expect power because I do not want to have hypertension, but my faith is in your ability to bless and work for this great country.

2.Secondly we shall see one another as God's creatures first, Nigerian second then we begin to talk about our immediate family member because a time is coming and very soon when we will not be able to make decision for ourselves otehr swill decide for us, and do not forget when we breathe our last breath nobody will ask about our country of origin.

Ikenna, this is not an online matter, we must meet face to face.

Do not forget you have a loving sister in Lagos called OLUTOSIN LOVE YOU

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

hello Olutosin

if i may quote you, "if God can keep us this far, He will still keep us together forever". How many years did the Soviet

Union, Yougoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo, Ethiopia and Eritrea stayed together as a family? yet they disintegrated. My dear, it does not really matter how long we've stayed together. What matters is, does the various units that make up this forced marriage called Nigeria want to stay together? i think your argument is based on sentiment. You don't want to see the disintegration of Nigeria. Even the United Nations passed a non binding resolution giving various ethnic groups, nations, the right to self determination, the right to self rule, and that is exactly what we Biafrans want. We want to rule ourselves. Dividing does not make us enemies. We can still be friendly neighbours. it will benefit everybody. the Yorubas can develop at their own, pace, the Hausas/Fulanis will practise islamic system to the fullest if they want, and at the end, everybody is happy. So try and understand this.


Ikenna Dear,

You are so much useful to this country, the number three reason hy you cannot go, is it until we scatter like rats children and the women and children stay on queues fro hours because of a morsel of food? those countries you have mentioned, can you please add the numbers of those who lost their lives inteh wars?

Ikenna, if it burns your hand drop it, why are we not being realistic? You love the Biafrans, right, taht is why you want leave Nigeria, but do you love all those women and children that will be sacrificed in the war?

Delete selfishness from this secession ambition, and what remains is a united Nigeria. SIMPLE

If you kniw me queit well, you will discover that I am not a happy woman but a loving one. I detest happenings in Nigeria but I am convinced that we are blessed with good people who can always come together to build a solid country.

God is on our sides, when Nigeria was few millions, He provided enough groundnuts, when we were a few millions H eprovided enough cocoa, when we are hundred of millions He provided enough oil. My Dear compatriot now he provided you and I to make the nation work, we lack nothing now except selfless leadership which is being built by compassionate men and women by people all over the world.


Love you friend

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:


You talked about women and children that will be sacrifice in the war. who will start the killing, is it not the yorubas and Hausas/fulanis. The Biafrans are peace loving people. For 5000 years of our existence, we never had police, because, we know the law and we respect the law. Until the Brithish joined us with the rest of Nigeria. You know what happened in 1929, THE ABA WOMEN RIOT. We've never attack, conquered or try to rule over any nation(s), and that was why our women took to the street when the brithish tried imposing a warrant chief over us. To know more about us, please read the AHIARA DECLARATION by Emeka Ojukwu. My dear Tosin, use your writing skills to enlighting the Yorubas and Hausas/Fulanis, that self determination is the right of every ethnic groups. Like what FELA said, ''ÝOU CANNOT DASH ME MY PROPERTY''. It is ours.

Thank you


Peace of mind is part of teh ingreadients Nigerians actually need to move ahead, when it illudes us we get a whole lots of issues wrong, be at peace with yoourself, with otehrs and with Olutosin.

I am a Nigerian, not a Hausa or Fulani, we are joined together by whoever God used and as teh Holy Book says, respect every constituted authority, it was the will of God taht made Nigeria to be, because nothing come into being without the hand of God, the Bible says He called those things that were not in existence names.

If only for my Faith and prayers, my partner in progress, we will remain one.

Thanks for everything and mind you I have learnt a lot from you and I promise to use my writing skills for the upliftment of our Nigeria and the continuity of the nation, that is why, whenever I get signals of collapse, I raise alarm.

Ikenna, May the power of the Almighty Jehovah God continually strenghthens you, you are one in a million.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Ikenna mi,

I have read and replied too

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

hello Tosin,

I see your love for this country, but i want to ask you a simple question.


thank you.



We will forget about secession and forge ahead in unity

Welldone Ike

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Good morning Tosin,

I'm afraid you are wrong. There is no law in the wold today stoping people from seeking independent from a federation, or any other political arrangement. i will give you an example. Do you know that Canada is a federation? Have you heard about Quebec region in Canada? Have you heard about Quebec sovereignty movement? what about parti Que´be´cois and bloc Que´be´cois? these are movement championing the breakaway of Quebec from Canada.

In 1980 and 1995, referendums were conducted in two provicine of that region for independent, but the people there rejected the proposal by 60% and 50.6% respectively. Until they decide to breakaway, they will still be part of Canada

Thank you


Who is on the line today, Ikenna or the elder brother?, to know how to handle questions because I WILL LOVE WORDS OF REASON TO PREVAIL.


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

hi Tosin

if i may quote you again, in ''our umbrella is one and it is called Nigeria'', you said, ''whether we like it or not we must remain one, the task to keep us as one must be won''. Do you know what that means,it means forcing someone into joining an association he/she does not want belong. where has freedom of association gone to. Remember, you can only force a horse to the stream, but you can never force it to drink water.

Thank you.



My friend,

We will associate together, worl together towards a better Nigeria, we will continue to behave like human beings to make mistake and take to correction, if you secede today and you elect the wrong leader, what will you do?

The problem with Nigeria is leadership, let us right this wrong and move forward. What will be your gain when every town become a country, torn apart with war and hunger? Let us bury the hatchet and become one solid nation.

Looking forward to a more cordial relationship with you


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi Oluwatosin,

How is ur day today ? I surmise fine. I find it had to believe you have learnt a lot from me.Actually,my elder bro was the one doing all the comment and not me his younger brother. His name is Ekene and you may reach him directly via his email

I will always invite him to comment on issues herein.



We must be receptive in order to learn in this life, because life itself is a lesson, learn from everyone, God can use the birds that spends just 6 months on earth to teach His lessons.

Really nice learning from your brother and I am convinced that you share the same ideology. I wish both of you well in all your lives' endeavours.

Advise your brother to reason with us little children too, God is gracious, He uses us to make some changes in life.


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Thanks for your time

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:


I am not always online, I ONLY TRY MY BEST TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Thanks

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi Tosin,

happy new month to you. please how were you able to paste ''call to save Nigeria''. please direct me cos i want to paste something too.

Thank you Ikenna

Go to post cpmment and write the title first and then the tags to show some of the idea explored then follow by the body of the write up.

If you do not understand you can call me

Take care love

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Click on voices rising, that is where you will see post and you can also post from your own personal journal atoo

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi! I can't believe I missed your interesting discussion with Olutosin. You see to an extent, I agree with you. One cannot fully understand the failure of an African state without first looking into the colonial creation of that state. I think the issue here is not a biafran issue, the issue is a Nigerian issue. Lets all sit down at a soveriegn national confrence, not the stuff OBJ did a while ago. Then lets decide if we want to go forward with this Nigerian project. Like Olutosin I believe a lot in the potential of Nigeria, I believe we can make it work. However, we cannot progress if we do not all feel like stakeholders in this country. It is a thorny and heartbreaking issue. I pray we find the wisdom in this Nation to know and do what is best. One Love!

My friend, I am now at peace that Ikenna is at rest and you are here again talking about missing the discussions. We understand the politics but we must let sleeping dogs lie. KAI WE ARE ONE, Conference or no conference. we have lost trust in the present administration, we can come together to make Nigeria work.

Our leaders are dealers therefore they are dealing with us ruthlessly, but I trust you, I trust Ikenna and I trust myself.

Love you darling!

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi Olakitike

Thank you for your coment. Please tell Oluwatosin that Nigeria is not a must thing. It should'nt be a do or die affair. Tell her it is not right to force someone into belonging where he/she does not want to belong. Tell her about freedom of association. Tell her about the United Nations resolution A/61/295 of september 2007 that gives every nations/ethnic groups the right to self rule. Please tell her.

Thank you Ikenna

hi Tosin,

I am not at rest. The Canadian government can never force the Quebec people to stay in Canada. WE ARE NOT ONE. THERE MUST BE A SOVERIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE, where every ethnic groups will declare if they want to remain as a Nigerian or not. Maybe you shoud read this.....


The number one principle of ethics in all the Ethnic Nationalities in Eastern Region Biafra is: “An elder must never lie to himself or to his children.” The Igbo put it even more succinctly: “An elder must not sit idly by while a pregnant goat delivers its young while still tethered.” On September 08 2009, Sahara Reporter published a press release issued by an organization that calls itself “Change Nigeria Organization”. This document was signed by Rear Admiral Ndubisi Kanu Rtd.; Lt. Gen. Alani Akinrinade Rtd.; Solomon Asemota SAN; Alhaji Yerima Shettima; Oluwale Oshun; Fred Agbeyegbe; and Prof. Ben Obumselu. All these men are elders and each of them is more than fifty years old. So they know the history of Nigeria pretty well. So we expect that with the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience they have about Nigeria and the world they will come out boldly like elders and tell us the absolute truth, tell our people the absolute truth whether that truth be bitter or sweet.

In the press release they start off well by detailing in clear and unambiguous terms incontrovertible evidence that the nonsense, that boondoggle called One Nigeria has become a failed state; it has collapsed. They quote British historian, Lord Malcolm Hailey who said: “Nigeria is perhaps the most artificial of the many administrative units created in the course of European occupation of Africa”. They follow that up with another quotation from an American political scientist, Henry Bretton: “There is no universally acceptable and understood rationale for the existence and functioning of a state called Nigeria and all efforts at an artificial creation of a national mythology or a Nigerian ideology will be unproductive”. The Change Nigeria Organization correctly identified factors that are essential for the making of a Nation such as consanguinity (ancestral blood relationship), ethnography (possession of common customs, and habits); mythology (traditional beliefs and values of a people); religion (general mental and moral beliefs and attitudes relating to an unseen higher power and manifested in the behavior, language, mode of worship of the people); and language ( a body of words and non verbal behaviors used by a people to communicate and bind together their consanguinity, ethnography, mythology, and religion). They correctly surmise that none of these factors binding people together into a Nation can be seen in the contraption called One Nigeria.

They go further to point out that when the British forced all the Ethnic Nations in Nigeria together into this tattered patchwork quilt they call Nigeria, the British never consulted any of the Ethnic Nationalities to find out if they would want to be part of this nonsense or not. And so it was that the Igbo, Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio, Ogoja, Itsekiri, Esan, Urhobo, Isoko, Edo, Yoruba, Nupe, Tiv, Jukun, Hausa, Fulani, etc were just yoked together into this completely unworkable nonsense called Nigeria!

The Change Nigeria Organization correctly point out that in spite of the fact that Nigeria has become a failed state that the British have continued to work tirelessly to prop it up purely for the selfish interest of the British colonial masters who continue to govern Nigeria through the back door. The Change Nigeria Organization correctly point out that in places where Nations have come together to form Nation States, the individual Nations first exercised their sovereignty, then decided whether they wanted to be part of any federating union, after which they formally signed a memorandum specifying the conditions under which they will belong to the federation. Only after that did the Nations surrender their sovereignty to the federating Union. That was how Switzerland was formed. They even pointed out the situation in Britain itself where the English who had subjugated the Scot have now been forced to give back autonomy to the Scots who now have their own parliament, make their own laws and rule themselves. They concluded this with the example in the United States of America where the United States Government recognized the autonomy of the original indigenous Indian Nations in North America and consequently created the Autonomous Native American Nations which govern themselves.

The Change Nigeria Organization went on to give so many more examples but carefully and calculatedly shied away from mentioning federations that were forced together by military might which collapsed and dissolved and the different Nations went their separate ways. Stalin forcibly tied together the fourteen nations of the Caucuses with Russia and formed the federation of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). In 1991 president Mikhail Gorbachev while trying to restructure the USSR initiated the collapse of the Soviet Union which was further facilitated by Boris Yeltsin. The house of cards called the Soviet Union came crashing down. All the fourteen independent Nations [Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, plus Russia] went their separate ways. Today all fifteen of them are independent Nations and members of the United Nations and some of them are members of NATO. Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia used raw military power to hold the independent Nations in the federation of Yugoslavia together until his death. Then Slobodan Milosevic tried to continue to hold the independent nations of the Balkans captive. They rebelled and from 1991 the autonomous Nations started reclaiming their sovereignty; thus the new nations of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, and finally Kosovo in 2008 all became sovereign independent States recognized by the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, and other countries of the world plus the United Nations. Czechoslovakia, a federation of Czech and Slovak Republics dissolved in 1992 giving way to the emergence of two republics Czech Republic and Slovakia. All these happened in the past twenty years. But there were other federations like the Caribbean Federation, the East African Federation and many others all of which collapsed more than fifty years ago.

The Change Nigeria Organization has this information but did not want to tell our people about it. Why? Why did they not tell our people about federations like Nigeria that have since collapsed and the different Nations assumed their sovereignty and independence? Why didn’t they want our people to know that? But what really made us mad as hell is the naked lie that the Change Nigeria Organization trumpeted in their press release. Now listen to it. “We are thoroughly convinced that there is more than enough goodwill amongst the peoples of Nigeria to go into a meeting today and give the requisite consent to continue the union [which means One Nigeria]. This is the craziest thing that any sensible human being with even a half brain will say. Who did they consult? Which Nations in Eastern Region Biafra authorized them to make this statement; to claim that the Igbo, Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio, Ogoja, Itsekiri, Esan, Urhobo, Isoko, are quite willing to give their consent to continue to be part of the evil called One Nigeria? Who told them that? Of course nobody! This is how our elders have kept the people of Eastern Region Biafra in slavery and bondage for more than fifty years. These elders engage in highly criminal intellectual dishonesty. They know the truth but they will not tell our people the truth. They keep demanding for the creation of more kwashiorkor states where the governor is the boy boy of Ndi Awusa na Ndi Yoruba; yet they know that these states are nothing but shams. They talk about amnesty when it is their people that are being slaughtered by the Sokoto Caliphate. They pretend that Nigeria can be restructured when the Hausa Fulani Yoruba oligarchy and the Sokoto Caliphate have seized our ancestral lands, the minerals in them, and confiscated our rivers, lakes, and other waterways. They talk about election when they know full well that that there are no democratic elections in Nigeria. They talk about census figures when it is obvious to them that Nigeria has never conducted census. They simply allocate figures to local governments and states as they like. They talk about writing a new constitution when they know that Nigeria’s problem has nothing to do with constitution. Nigeria is just not a Nation; in fact it is not even a country. It is a geographical expression.

When the Change Nigeria Organization talks about writing a new true federal constitution and claiming that it is the panacea that will cure all the ills of Nigeria it is being deceitful, and disingenuous. In fact you could say that it is purposely lying to our people and deceiving them. All the members of the Change Nigeria Organization are old enough to know that between 1957 and January 1966 we had a federal constitution and that each of the three and later four regions had its own constitution, assembly, governor, premier, judiciary, civil service and the North had its own police force. Yet was Nigeria able to organize one single non controversial census? The answer is No. Was Nigeria ever able to organize one single non controversial federal election? The answer is No. In fact it was the use of the federal government police and army to rig the Western Regional Elections of 1965, and the imposition of the Akintola government on the people of Western Nigeria by the Federal Prime Minister, Malam Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and the Sarduana of Sokoto, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello and the Sokoto Caliphate which sparked uncontrollable rioting all over Yorubaland and lead to the army coup of January 15, 1966. Members of Change Nigeria Organization know this. They know that the federation of Nigeria was not working even pre 1966 when you could say there was true federalism. But they keep lying to themselves.

So why are they still mouthing this lie that somehow true federalism [whatever that means] will make Nigeria work for our people? Why? Why? Why? Selfishness and total absence of balls! They just don’t have the courage to call a spade a spade rather than a garden fork. When General Abacha drove Lt. Gen Alani Akinrinade out of Nigeria and he ran to the United States he addressed a conference of Yoruba people at Houston. There he literally told them that it is time for the Yoruba to secede from Nigeria. Today he is talking about true federalism. Bishop Gbonigi was the chairman of the committee that wrote the Oduduwa National Constitution. Why will he not tell the Yoruba that Oduduwa Republic is the only sensible thing for them today? No they are sneaking around talking about true federalism. As they waste their time kowtowing to the Hausa Fulani and the Sokoto Caliphate the barbarians are busy stealing everything that is worth anything in Eastern Region Biafra. Malam Sulaiman recently revealed that the federal government will establish three natural gas stations in Katsina State – one in Katsina, another in Funtua and the other in Malumfashi to supply energy to industries in Katsina. How many natural gas outlets are there in Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Baylesa, Delta, Abia, where the gas is mined? Yes how many? Tell us! Every important industry is located either in Northern Nigeria or in Western Nigeria. Take a look at Abuja and Lagos; which city in the Eastern Region comes close to their level of development. Those cities were built with your money from the Eastern Region. That is why your children are running to Northern Nigeria and to Lagos and Western Nigeria in search of jobs. The Emir of Kano Alhaji Ado Bayero recently called the Niger Delta freedom fighters criminals and accused them of bringing shame to Nigeria. Ado Bayero should know that it is the loafing parasites like him from the Caliphate who steal millions of dollars of our money every month, money that rightly belong to the oil producing communities in Eastern Region Biafra that are a disgrace and a shame to any country including Nigeria.

As for our elders they are lying to themselves and to their children. Our elders have sold themselves and us for pennies. Zik gave his children Yoruba names. How many of Awolowo’s children did Awolowo give Igbo names: how many of their children did Abubakar Tafawa Balewa or Ahmadu Bello give Igbo names? Go to Lagos and Abuja and you will find that almost all the rich elders from Eastern Region Biafra have mansions there and actually live there. They only visit their towns and villages in Eastern Region once or twice a year. How many Hausa Fulani and Yoruba have mansions in Calabar, Ikot Ekpene, Umuahia, Port Harcourt, Warri, Degema, Onitsha, Asaba, Awka, and Enugu and actually live there? How many? Are you people so stupid that you can’t even see?

Last week we showed you how our elders have lost the balls to stand up for the truth, for justice and for their rights and the rights of their children. Here you see it again. The question we want the younger generation to ask these elders from all over Eastern Region Biafra is when will they stop lying to us, deceiving us and when will they stop talking about the failed state called Nigeria and start talking about our sovereignty, independence and freedom for our people in their own sovereign independent State. When? Every young person should ask his parents and other elders this particular question.

May God bless all the smart and courageous people of Biafra and the sovereign independent State of Biafra!

thank you Ikenna

Darling Tosin, Obviously your country hasn't collapsed. I am glad for you and your family, and believe more like you will keep your country from collapsing. I love you so much.