In all the occupations she could have chose from; she chose the one that involves impacting in the lives of others. No gain attached but her joy will be to see women and girls being empowered and actualising a big dream. Women and girls exploring via the knowledge they have acquired, women and girls being financially independent.

This is her dream and she started…I am today a popular blogger because she chose to empower women through Information and Communication Technology (ICT). My blog is taking me places because she opened the door by sharing this skill. I am a recognized activist online because she did not hold back sharing with women and girls. My network has grown for good all because she sown a seed…

This is what many other girls and women have benefited from and many are still going to benefit from. She is dedicated to this cause and she is here to stay. She is one true shero. She is my unsung shero. She is Ore Somolu.

I will celebrate you today and for always!

Ore Somolu is the Executive Director of Women's Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC); in Nigeria. The NGO works to encourage Nigerian girls and women to learn how to use technology as a means of empowering themselves socially and economically.

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What a beautiful ode to this woman, who is a mentor to you and other women of Nigeria for empowerment. And I love this term you use: "Shero". A true shero indeed! Thank you for sharing.

Warm regards, Jade