About Me: I am a proud 32 year old Motswana woman from the village of Lephepe, in the Kweneng disrtict of Botswana. I am currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I am a design educator. A few years ago I decided to use my Graphic Design skills to make a difference in my home village, and that is how Homegirl was born. Through Homegirl we make arts crafts and artifacts by using recycled materials (mostly bottletops). The graphics we use are inspired by our beautiful continent of Africa. To date, I have created designs that are aesthetically inclined, but have been getting this strong urge to bring across a socially responsible message through Homegirl - a message (or series of messages) that will empower the young women who look up to me and other women, who have risen above the challenges of being stereotyped because of our gender. I hope that through this forum I will be able to meet and be inspired by like minded women from around the world.

My Passions: Making a difference in a community

My Challenges: procrastination and Fear of failure

My Vision for the Future: Happiness and tolerance in the communities I touch.

My Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design and Digital Arts

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