Sex for school fees

Posted August 3, 2011 from Madagascar

Following the political crisis in Madagascar since 2009, the country had so many difficulties both economic and social. For some people, life still goes on, but for the majority of the population their life really went down. I recently went to Madagascar and witnessed major changes in people's lives over there, not in a good way unfortunately! . The capital city of Antananarivo where I grew up and used to have fun with friends and family is not the same as I left it a year ago. Insecurity and crimes increased, homeless and jobless people wandering everywhere. Prostitution rate also increased and reached schoolgirls. I've just read an article today about a schoolgirl who is doing sex work to help finance her studies, and thought to share it with you:

Some people would judge her, but I don't think that should be the priority. The whole humanitarian situation in Madagascar is alarming. I'm so shocked to see what happens in my country but at the same time I feel really powerless to help. All I can do for now is to let things known, I'll be the voice of these women and girls in Madagascar who can't do much than trying to survive.

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