I am an African woman A queen and a vessel to be loved and cherished My womb is like fertile soil Waiting for the rains to quench her thirst

The African man is a warrior Brave and strong He posses all his heart desires He stands tall and proud He is a comqueror

My love is a treasure It is endless and very forgiving It endures I should be one with this man But to be, I must be conquered Conquered gently by his love He must woo me and make me feel like his queen

He must stoop and swallow his pride To conquer and win my love Least I be taken by another He must prove his love for me

Every one says, “I love you” But these days these three words mean nothing Our men are taught to be “men” Only women express their feeling A man who expresses is called a woman

Well, If he is too cowardly To prove his love for me Then he doesn’t deserve me! He is but a dreamer Wishing for the impossible I do not wish for a dreamer I want a real man A true man who will love and protect me

The stars will never fall From the sky above us Nor will water ever marry fire Nor will the earth beneath us One day dwell above us with the sky All these will never become one

A man must prove to me his worth And must prove to me his heart’s desire Then he would be the conqueror He should be To love, cherish and protect me With him I shall know no fear With him I am complete