About Me: I am woman who delights in seeing people live the fulness of life that they are supposed to live. I am moved by poverty and unnecessary pain inflicted on people by circumstances, poor decisions, and lack of self worth and value. I believe in people being able to take reponsibility for their actions, decisions and life. I am happy when girls, and women come to an understanding of their value, dignity, self-worth and the wealth of potentials laid within them and live their lives accordingly, not subjecting to the force in the world that wants to turn them into sex objects. I do not believe in laziness or haveing to be dependent on others all the time, you might not be able to totally avoid it at times though. I believe in God and also believe that the best life you can ever live on earth is the lived for God and service to humanity. By so doing, you footsteps will forever be imprinted in the sand of time.

My Passions: Building the Mind of people and dealing with the problem of lack.

My Challenges: Finance

My Vision for the Future: To raise responsible adults who would take their lives into their hands and do something for themselves and their world, also being very courteous and not rude while at it.

My Areas of Expertise: Writing and Sewing

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Welcome to pulsewire dear sister! You touch my heart with your powerful vision for the future. Your unwavering strength in your voice is what will trully guide you in to conquering and changing the world. And you know what? You are at the right place. Dive in to these unique features on pulsewire and connect with the whole world. It is through connections and collaborations that together we can transform this world and give a voice to the voiceless and women in general. So don't hestate, project your voice through this medium and it is magical.


We Can Do It! Joannes

Hi Opealuwa,

Welcome to this vibrant community of men and women passionate to change the world for good. Reading your post made me admire your sense of empathy for fellow human beings and your belief in being self made person. Look forward to interact with you more.