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Posted March 31, 2013 from United Kingdom

About Me: My name is Anna. I am 24 years old, from Germany, and just about to finish my degree in Peace Studies in Bradford, in the UK. From when I was little, I always felt an intrinsic love for nature. Was in love with artistc activities. Was a dreamer. In school, I found it difficult to express my feelings and passions in an over- rationalised and modernity driven school system. In Bradford, I gained the confidence to speak out and stand by my feelings about spirituality and love for the earth and all its beings. I believe that for a peaceful future, we need to learn to reconnect to each other and to nature. Climate change, food crisis, wars and alienation are for me not only an expression of political and economic mismanagement, but first and foremost an expression of a crisis of human consciousness. Discovering permaculture some years ago, I have been involved with contributing to the creation of systems, in which humans and nature harmoniously interact and benefit from each other. Learning to live as part of a wider eco- system again and finding love and understanding for ourselves and each other is key for our future, I believe. Engaging in permaculture convergences and social activist meetings, I experienced the healing power of group activities, in which we learn to open up, show our feelings and acknowledge other people's feelings. Creating emotionally and ecologically sustainable communities is what I want to learn more about and invest my time and energy into. Some other incredible news have struck my world not long ago: I am pregnant, and will soon be giving a beatiful, half Kenyan, half German new earth citizen to this world. I feel positive about the future, and now have one more reason to take responsibility and make possible a world in which ideas, race, class and nature are not de- valued, but in which diversity is valued and celebrated. I am looking forward to read about all the other people and their ideas and backgrounds, and am excited and thankful for this project!

My Passions: I love spending time outside, as well as music, meditation and group encounters - activities, which give me the opportunity to take a deep look inside myself and around me.

My Challenges: To be taken serious for the vision I hold within academia. To realise my vision and follow the path of my heart in an environment, which constantly encurages me to live a life for my CV, and in which the work, which I would like to do is so undervalued.

My Vision for the Future: A world, in which we live in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature. In which we share fairly, value difference, and work as collectively wise humanity

My Areas of Expertise: permaculture, music (the cello), meditation, yoga, peace studies

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  • ikirimat
    Mar 31, 2013
    Mar 31, 2013

    Hello friend,

    Welcome to World Pulse online community! It is great to have you here. It is a platform where you can share, raise your voice, and change your community. I encourage you to explore the website since it has very many resources to harness. Be sure to build your online community of women from around the world. I am sure you will get to meet many women on World Pulse who are active in their community too.

    I will be glad to hear more from you.