Financial literacy is as important as ABC,rural women use and spend money,but only very few of them save for tomorrow.Educating these women more on financial literacy will go a long way solving most of the problems we have in Africa today.80% of rural women have no bank account,though they have their traditional way of saving,they need to know the best practice of saving.Educating the rural women to take total control of their finances will go along creating great changes in various communities, Now Is The Time,come join me lets educate rural women in our various communities on Financial Literacy For Better Tomorrow!

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Fully agree. I know there was an organization in Eastern Europe and Central Asia that organized workshops on financial literacy and the effects of economic crisis on women. It's so important nowadays...

The truth is , financial literacy is not included in the school curriculum. Most of the times we have to learn it the hard way like having to deal with a credit problem or having no savings after working so hard for years. It need not be. We can discuss financial literacy here in our Economic Empowerement group. Joy, thank you for leading the discussion on this.