My Father - my Great motivator

Posted June 17, 2014 from Nigeria
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Apart from God, my father is my greatest motivator. Despite the pressure from his family about divorcing our mother who had 7 female children before a male child. If he had not sent us his female children to school I wonder the fate that would have befallen us. Though my father married another wife after he married my mother, he succumbed to his family pressure that his first wife, my mother had a 7 female children for him. He did not forsake us the female children and our mother even when he was pushed by his relative to divorce my mother so that she could go back to her family with her female children, my father did not fall for that. Instead he sent us all to school and made sure that he advised us from time to time to be hardworking and know that so many people (relatives) do not like us because we are women and because he has been exposed to the power education can weld in the life of those educated. He wanted a good life for us. Between my mother and my step mother, we are 9 female children and we are all graduates in different fields except the last girl who is still in school. He takes special pride when he talks about us with his relatives and friends. My father single handedly saw us through school apart from my mother who gave her support wherever she could.

My father's encouragement and advice acted as a serious check in our lives whenever we strayed and got involved in those peer group mischief. My father is still our best of friends now always calling to give advice and encouragement even as most of are married and working. Though he is sick now but the love he feels for us has not weaned.

His advice to anyone who cares to listen is that they should endeavours to send their children to school especially the females. He does not mince words anytime to use himself and his girls as an example. So I will continue to thank God for giving me such a father. My father by the stopped at Standard six way back in his time and started trading in textile which by the grace of God was a success. Even when things became a bit tough with his business he maintained that we must complete our studies. On this I say 50 great kudos to him as we just celebrated his 50th year of getting married to my mother. Please join me in celebrating my great icon, motivator, mentor and a great achiever .

Happy fathers day

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  • Yvette Warren
    Feb 26, 2015
    Feb 26, 2015

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    The purpose of this event is to create harmony, not necessarily agreement, among the spiritual voices on our shared earth.

    I would very much like to bring the harmony of World Pulse voices with me. I am planning a One Billion Rising event in conjunction with the Women's Initiative on the fisrt day of the parliament. Please look at the attached links and let me know if you'd like to add your voice.

    Continue being a blessing in our shared universe.

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