The Woman that Is..

Samkela Stamper
Posted March 7, 2011 from South Africa

I am a woman I am redefined in society My femininity subdivided and put into files Into various categories

In words I have been described Immortalized and Idolized Put into pedestals Praised and Glorified

Secrets of sensuality live within me I am the object of men's desires I have been called a temptress.... a seductress My predecessor divided nations And launched a thousand ships To fulfill one man's destiny In ancient Greek Mythology

I am known for my complexity The stubbornness that is... Yet I still deny... Maybe It is the woman in me

I am Majestic The mother of all Nations I cry Yet I rise! No fallen woman will become me I will defy the odds against me

The treasure that is I My ebony skin likened to richest soil of my land Where the river lies And waterfalls run Lioness born free Eagles flying to the highest peak of the mountain In primitive lands of my beautiful Africa

Created with the rib of my mate By the power that is Divinity To multiply God's Nation To fulfill the Prophecy And embark on our journey So we can reach our destiny

I will not deny my fate The illusion of my truth a mere tale I can never be defined and simplified They have tried and failed I am a woman You cannot define me

I am beyond nature's conception An enigma... No creature can ever claim to know me Man has come close However they did not conquer me

I have many facets Man alone could not begin to fathom me... I have dimensions that elude even I I am a woman And I reign supreme!

International Women's Day 2011: A Call for Heroes

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