We have summary reports and a recent report from January 2018 on our website showing what we have achieved putting clean water systems and economic activities into 6 villages in rural Gambia over 9 years,a great success! Over 7000 villagers now have clean water.

What we want to do next is build a womens centre in conjunction with www.girlsagenda.com

in Brikama  in Gambia to provide advice,education and residential to women under duress.

Girls Agenda are dedicated to the education of young women on human rights,domestic violence,FGM and early marriage and have already spent 7 years educating girls.in the schools.

We have a building team and the land but any advice on developing a centre would be appreciated.

Any sources of funding for this project will be helpful.




Hi Pamela. Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing your story, work and NGO. I know that Olutosin is creating a center now but she is in Nigeria. You may want to do a search on World Pulse for other members in Gambia that could help. Looking forward to hearing more about your organization, progress, and highlights.