Environmental protection is essential for our own survival. in fact, the Democratic Republic of Congo is a country with a lot of beautiful rivers and lakes, parks, rainforests, and fertile soils every where. Nowadays people around the world have their eyes turned towards the DR Congo thanks to its biodiversity.since 1996, Congolese environment is degrading because of ongoing war. some rare animal species are away, deforestation and water pollution. This deforestation is seen when people cut down natural trees so as to make charcoal. Moreover, militiamen slaughter rare animal species and sometimes sell elephants' horns out of the country in order to get guns. Another issue is the mineral exploitation. negative forces in complicit with Multinationals dig minerals without observing any principle and this leads to the environmental destruction.; Finally, there is no over control of rivers and lakes. waste production and sewage water in lakes and rivers, a practice that leads to marine animal species destruction. The big solution is peace. I hope if the DR Congo is peaceful there can be environmental protection.once in peace we can get access to former inaccessible areas and re afforest them. Thanks to peace, we can also keep safely our rainforests and lakes. If the Congolese political class is corrupted, it is because of ongoing war. Maintaining Congolese environment helps in saving our own lives since it is where we find the second forest in the world after Amazon in Brazil. Conserving Congolese environment allows future generations of humans to grow and live without having to deal with anything we've done to contaminated the environment in which we do live and they will live.

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