Hi, I am Parbati Shrestha from Nepal. My homeland is Nepal. Yes, before I leave my country I used to think that land is farmland where we have to work for our existence. Now, I have experienced that what is the meaning of land. I think land is our identity. On 14th August 2009 I with my Nepalese friends flew from Nepal to Bangladesh. When we arrived there, it was different land and we were standing as Nepalese people with different identity. New peoples, new languages, new culture and the new environment all things were introducing with us showing their identity that it is Bangladesh. Furthermore, I attended my first class where I met friends from different countries. The teacher asked “Where are you from?” Actually, that question was trying to stick out that which country we belong to. All the students gave their introduction and I too. I found that every student have different identity depending on their homeland. So, our land differentiates our identities to each other. If somebody goes in a different place his land identifies him that who is he and where is he from. Finally, I think that land is our identity which recognizes us from other in all over the world.

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Parbati, You are so right with this story! Whether we work the land or just live on a land, that becomes our identity. I grew up in the deserts of the United States but now live within the wet forests of the northern part of the country. But my body still longs for what it first knew - sun. I don't think I will ever shake that. Just like you are identified by Nepal. That will always be with you. Thank you for this awareness! Marlies

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Land. Where we are raised is such an integral part of who we are and no matter where we travel, that land will always be a part of our identity. I look forward to reading more about your experiences at AUW, your observations about the many different cultures and ethnicities you encounter and what you learn about yourself in this context. Welcome.

Dear Mwierenga Namaskar, Thank you very much for your appreciation.Actually,this is my first piece of writing in worldpulse.So, you encouraged me to write more in my near future. With Best Regards Parbati Shrestha

Dear Janice Namaskar, Thank you very much for your appreciation and I will try my best to write about experiences at AUW and my observation that I collected while facing the problems during my lifetime.Thank you again.

With Best Regards Parbati Shrestha Kapilvastu Nepal

Parbati, when responding to a comment, it is best to hit the word "reply" at the bottom of the person's comment box as that way, they are notified by email when you post a reply. It is wonderful to hear your voice here and I hope you will share more about your introduction to AUW and the contrasts you see from life in Nepal. Hardik Subhakamana. Janice