I am the unbounded sky and I am telling this girl's story because on that evening, I was watching her through the window that she was happy and joyful in her lonely life. She was smiling and gaggling with the humor of a funny video. The time was passing so fast but enjoyable for her. In the meantime, she understood that it was dinner time, so she wore one of her dresses which was gifted by her dearest mother in the summer vacation of 2010.

Before wearing, she kissed and smelled the dress from the depth of her heart by closing her eyes. She remembered the moment that the mother said, “this skirt is very good because it is long to cover your legs and a little loss for not disturbing you while walking” on that time, after a year the daughter was watching her mother’s sparkling eyes through a black color skirt with brown embroiders and some shinny stars on it. The daughter was happy to include her mother’s gift in her suit case while leaving her mother for another a year. Now, her eyes are with tears and saying that “only a few years remain to come to you, dear mother.”

She wore the skirt with a beautiful smile on her face and took the stairs to dining hall of her university. Her first step into the space gripped each and everyone’s attention. Her fellows starred her dress and then started giggling by pointing to her and requesting other friends to look at her funny dressed up. The simple girl looked to everyone with the same smile that she has had it every moment in her bright face. Her eyes started moving around by watching that everyone was looking and judging her through her dressed up. Now, she started comparing her dress to others around her, at the end she found that no one has ever worn that type of dress in their lives that she was wearing. She took the food in an unconscious mind, she forgot to think, smile, watch, and eat, and even she forgot where she had put her red mobile and class. She said, “In which should I sit, with whom, and how should I go to the seat, oh I should sit to a very near seat the one which is near to the outside gate.” She saw a friend’s smile, so she went to sit beside her. She wanted her to talk to her, but she found out that they were not with her.

From her heart, she was requesting from God’s court to punish her before the people around her could punish her with their critic eyes. Heart from the heart she was shouting and calling someone to come and sit beside her and tell her that the dress was ok.

She was eating the white rice, with yellow Daal on it and colorful vegetable beside it, but her mind was with her beloved mother’s hope into a black skirt, her eyes were filled with tears and remembering her mother’s eyes while the mother saw the skirt for the first time. Now, she smiled with her pearly teeth and came back to the real situation. Around her, there was not the mother, who loves the daughter for her true existence and her inside world, instead there were other, the friends, still laughing, watching, and making fun of her. She is not anymore with the mother, sisters, brothers, and father who see the beauty of their daughter and sister through her eyes, mind, behavior, and heart.

Slightly, she took the stairs back to her room and never came back from room till morning, and promised not to wear the skirt again and to keep the skirt and wear it for the people who values her inside world and true life not her physical appearance.

Now, she understood that according to people around her, “Dress makes the man not the man makes the dress” but for her “the man makes dress not the dress.” She is happy that she is different from the people around her, she knows now that her thinking and feelings are valuable in front of her own conscience. In fact, she loves others dressed up and never smiles on people for their way of dressing. However, as always she loves, respects, and cares about people because she knows that there is an eye always watching her every time in everywhere. And she feels that the black skirt is now more precious because it made her special that night by thinking and picturing her mother’s face among the unknown people.

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