The most beautiful feet in the world

ParwanaTram FayyazPham
Posted April 16, 2011 from Bangladesh

I used to have an illusion about so-called beautiful feet. They definitely had smooth and long toes, fair skin, and without any angular crack. However, my definition about the beauty of feet altered yesterday. Witnessing my friends who were indifferent to their miserable friends and my best friends who envied me small things, I thought that there was no valuable things in the world because the most valuable thing – people’s morals – are eroded; people were selfish, selfish, and selfish. It was not until I saw those feet, the feet of a woman beggar; I discovered a peach among tiny sand and the real beauty in the world. Those feet have a natural beauty like a beauty of twenty-four carats bracelets (pure gold). They were shadowed with a kind of paint which you are never able to find in any stores. The “pure” black feet are darker than the sky at nights. Moreover, the feet are decorated with so-called “flowers” which are scars of wounds. At those flowers, I could see several flies moving round like bees were scrambling for honey of flowers. Besides, at the ankle, there were many branches of trees with diverse dimensions. Looking at the feet, I felt as if I got lost in a garden with many flowers, bees, and trees. Why could she belong to the “beautiful” feet? What were her tactics? What beauty salons has she gone to? Her favorite salon fee must be very expensive because its materials are natural and valuable. It was the extreme heat of the sun in summer days; it was coldness of nights in winters; it was pure water of heavy rain; it was dust of streets. However, the most priceless material—is a mother’s heart whose morale is sacrificed with food of her one-year-old child, whose bare feet were chasing one after another with the hope of receiving a little money, whose arm was carrying a baby, and the other was harassing a man’s cloth. The mother’s characteristics are not necessarily good, but at least her kindness and sacrifice to her son is very precious. What precious mothers’ hearts! But, how many times have I ridiculed and looked down upon them? Feeling bitterly remorse, but I learned that I cannot do anything to help the feet. All I can do is to disperse the beauty of the feet. However, how? By writing this article to remind myself of the concealed beauty whenever I re-read it. By telling my friends about the beauty so that one day in the future, the illusion of the feet will be diminished.

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