Many inventions have had their place and did their time,web 2.0 is now here,it excites me knowing that we can now hear ourselves easily and hence heard audibly by everyone else.It is offering us a chance to never stay quiet again and doing it easily too! I am convinced that web 2.0 will give the global women's empowerment movement a tangible and true forum for growth.It will give us a chance to address our problems,get our own solutions through positive dialogue and roll out the same with a common faith and ambition.The movement will be able to look at women through women and be in touch with every woman's need,this in my opinion is a factual and necessary step at giving all women solutions to their problems. Women worldwide need a voice,the web 2.0 is giving us that,that to me is empowerment.That right now i just posted this and it will be read is proof that it has already empowered me,and me is all of us. We are being raised a notch above ordinary,learning to speak for ourselves to the world,being empowered by women for women..and honourably so.Web 2.0 is taking us there.

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Hello Pascaline, It was great to read your post, and I really like your focus on sharing solutions and empowerment. I'm glad YOU are here now, together with web 2.0 - it's just the right time and place. Andrea

Hi Pascaline,

I really enjoyed reading how you feel empowered already by Web 2.0, by being here and being heard. Every woman has a unique voice, and I appreciate you sharing your's here.

I am excited to see your growth through the connections you make here on PulseWire. It is an exciting time for the women's empowerment movement, and I think you captured that beautifully in your piece here.

Thanks for sharing! Scott

Scott Beck