The topic was “Sexual Abuse ........” a topic I have unconsciously avoided discussing in any forum in which it is raised.

He started to touch my neck and my breast. He wanted to kiss me and I was pushing him back, he slapped me hard and went on with his kissing while his hands groped under my skirts. I cried and cried but he wouldn’t be bothered.

…….On another occasion he came into my room as usual in the middle of the night, I was too tired to put up any fight, I was just waiting for him to finish his usual round and leave. All of a sudden, I observed that he was trying to penetrate me. I kicked him with all the strength in me and he landed in pains on his back. He was writhing in pain for several minutes. When he finally stood up, he gave me the beating of my life, hitting my head against the wall, punching and slapping me all at once, I wonder how I didn’t pass out……..

My journey into world pulse was one of chance, somebody somewhere just posted the link that talk about online training for women and it caught my attention. The things I read that have similarities with my life experience that I’ve being dying to share were what prompted me to apply. I’ve being a victim of series of Abuses. Even as I write to you my heart is heavy from the violence I suffered few days ago, precisely 24th of September 2010. I’m beginning to wonder whether I am created to be abused, because just as I was putting down my story to be published and also by way of healing from past hurt and pain, I suffered yet another.

Due to the limited number of words, I will just summarise the incidence on Friday. A Pastor and the Director of a Civil Society Organisation where I volunteer slapped me hard on the face after a barrage of insults. He smacked my back (neck region) with his fists and picked up a plank which he raised to strike me, thanks to the intervention of a colleague who pleaded with him to leave me. What was my offence you will ask? He said I was calling him a liar when I tried explaining my side of an issue to him.

The bitter part of it is that he doesn’t realise he was wrong, he is still claiming rights over his wrong. In fact he asked me to go tell it to anybody I want that nobody can do him anything. May God forgive him! The lesson I want to bring out here is that Violence against Women is still very much in our society, in places you least expected and people you could not ever imagine. All forms of abuses are real and they are still being perpetrated. Mothers, guardians, sisters every woman should be vigilant and stand up with one voice and fight this menace.

NB- So sorry for posting this late.

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Hello from a fellow applicant and friend, please check the group postings. The week two assignment is due today, so I believe you are not late. I am so sorry for what you have suffered and so recently. I do not know what advice to offer except to ask that you do not go back there until something is done. Do not believe that you will not be heard; here you have a story and a voice.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella


I am one of your Listeners for this article. You were extremely brave in writing this. I especially appreciated your ending: "stand up with one voice". As I am learning through this project, there is so much potential for Web 2.0 and citizen journalism to unite us, because it makes our stories so much more accessible.

I believe your article will inspire other women to have the courage to tell their stories--even if it is difficult. The telling, and the listening, makes us all stronger.

Thanks, Ruth

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