As an individual that have suffered abuses, I just had a natural desire to educate women, children and other relevant stakeholders on the need to be at alert for any little sign that there their wards are being abused, or that they are abusing there wards or even probably their wards abusing one another whether consciously or unconsciously. In executing the ambition I thought of drawing up a curriculum on life skills and the topic on abuse taking the lead position in the topics. I thought of going to different schools to educate them based on the curriculum.

I was so excited about this prospect of impacting on lives as this is one thing I love so much. I was already looking forward to starting and I’d even calculated in my mind the schools I will go first that will kind of open doors for entrance into other schools. I was so so excited! Well, all my excitement was to come to naught as I was could not execute this project because:

I needed to have a recognised name under which I will say I’m carrying out the project To have this I needed to register as an organisation to show that I am credible To register, I did not have the wherewithal, especially the material resources, at least for now!

Since I could not do this, I have devised another way of approaching the situation. What I’ve been able to do and still want to do are:

  1. Any gathering I have the opportunity; I normally try as much as possible to chip in my thought on these issues. This especially when I’m facilitating training, making presentations or contributions.
  2. I also talk to women, men and children alike on a one on basis just to sow the seed in each and everyone of them with the hope that it germinates.
  3. I also register as a volunteer for teaching life skills in the volunteering teaching scheme that the state I reside in organised. Even though the topic Abuse is not part of the curriculum, it still gives one a platform to affect lives and digress a little as a way of educating them on this issue. See
  4. I am thinking of collaborating with existing organisations that work in the area of my interest to make positive impact
  5. I am gathering resources to surmount my initial challenges

Pulse wire has been of immense help and will still be in the following ways: Through pulse wire I have been able to network with different people from different geographical locations and I am now reassured that I am not alone. I have met organisations I can work in collaboration with. The possibility of further networking to gain more knowledge to get around these challenges. The possibility of PulseWire developing my capacity and capability through training The opportunity of getting recommendation from pulse wire.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change.

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Hi Patoftroy

You talk about your solutions and how Pulse Wire can assist you so clearly. You have identified an urgent need in your community, and I applaud you for being so solution-focused, as you say in your tag!

Best of luck. I hope you continue to find the resources you need here at Pulse Wire.


Hi patoftroy,

I love how you are so clear and concise with knowing your challenges and the solutions you have found so far to overcome those challenges. I strongly believe that by infusing what you want to teach into every conversation you have with others, you are truly sowing the seeds. Keep putting what you want out there and you WILL receive what you need.


Love & blessings to you, Lola

Love & blessings,



It was great to read your post. I'm glad to say that I can see your thought process through a challenging situation and yet you seem to have a clear thought process on how to go about achieving your goals. I do wish you all the very best in all your endeavors and assure you again, that PulseWire is here to help all your efforts into fruition.