Another woman has been killed by her husband. This was reported on the morning show on a local radio station - Peace FM - on September 28th, 2010 at 7:44am. She married him when she was 19 years old. In eleven years of marriage, they had four children together. Neighbors described the husband as "a habitual wife beater". She reported to her parents after a few beatings. They told her to go back to her marriage because "that is how marriage is". The latest beating she suffered led her straight to the grave. She has left behind four little orphans - left them in a system which is gradually neglecting and multreating orphans.

Could this death have been avoided? I say yes. Her parents could have warned the wife-bashing husband to stop multreating their daughter, or they would take her away from him. My suspicion is that the man provided for the wife's entire family, so she could not leave the marriage for her parents to starve. Is this by definition not SLAVERY? As I always say, marriage is either bond-ing or bond-age.

According to the radio report, the neighbors had heard the woman's screams and knew she was beaten often. Yet, none of them reported the matter or warned the husband or walked in to claim the woman's life. Ghana's Domestic Violence Act, Act 732, permits any person to report domestic violence on behalf of the victim. Yet, no-one reported this matter. Besides, I am almost positive that if a neighbor had reported this matter, the victim and her family would have harrassed the concerned person, blaming him or her for ruining the woman's marriage.

Now she is dead; she has been beaten to death by her better-half, her husband, the father of her children. Her children are now orphans. Meanwhile, single women, widows and divorced women are often loathed by society; yet, they remain alive. Society allowed this painful death to happen, just like several wife-deaths before this woman's death. Should there be a next case?