A Woman's Place is Everywhere

Paulina Nayra
Posted March 6, 2011 from Philippines

A Woman's Place is in the home is a song by Gilbert Sullivan in 1974. The song may have earned a lot of snide remarks from feminists who believe otherwise. No wonder it is not as popular as Sullivan's "Claire" and "Alone Again Naturally". Revolutions were won not because women remained at home to cook and take care of her brood. They wo-manned the factories and toiled in the farm while the men are in the battlefields.They go out to the streets to fearlessly meet canons with flowers and prayers to foment a peaceful revolution called People Power. They leave their families and endure homesickness to earn the much needed income for their child's education and the upkeep of the home.

The Magna Carta of Women or Republic Act 9710 ensures that women's rights are recognized, respected, promoted and upheld wherever they are. Not just in the home but in schools and universities, community, military, police, agriculture and fisheries, business, peace building, indigenous communities and workplace. From womb to tomb.

A woman's place is everywhere including outer space.

In celebration of the 2011 Women's Month, I will write about the provisions of the Magna Carta of Women with my own annotations. I will write wherever I am even when I am not at home or office. The world is my workplace. The computer is my office. A woman's place is everywhere.

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