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The Magna Carta of Women have specific provisions that will protect and promote the rights of Filipino girl children.

  1. Scholarship programs for marginalized women and girls where conditions such as age, pregnancy, motherhood, disabilities or lack of consent of husband shall not be grounds for disqualification in the grant of scholarships.
  2. Non expulsion, dismissal, suspension, refusal or denial of admission or forcing to take a leave of absence in any educational institution solely on grounds of pregnancy outside marriage during her school term.
  3. More female coaches for girls and women teams (in sports).
  4. Sufficient funds to support girls and women in sports.
  5. Formation of women and girls team in various sporting events.
  6. Comprehensive health services including psychosocial, therapeutic, medical and legal assistance for victims of violence against women and children
  7. Health programs at the local level where women and girls are involved in the planning, implementation and decision-making
  8. Age appropriate adolescent health and sexuality education taught by trained educators
  9. Teen centers that provide health and sexuality education and counseling
  10. Protection of girl children by eliminating all forms of discrimination against them in education, health, nutrition and skills development.

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