About Me: I am 22 years old female pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in sociology at the University of Zambia,now in my final year. Having studied women and development,i have taken keen interest in the challenges women in diifferent institutions through out the world. This has led me to rethink having no say at all in ensuring women have equal opprtunity as men in the education sector and also when it comes to employment opportunities. Looking at the world today, women have under representation when it comes to so many issues especially in the political arena, this being the case, most of their challenges are not being addressed. it is due to these issues among others that i want to be one of the voices speaking for women.

My Passions: I love children. i have been working with children, especially teenagers in my community.

My Challenges: as a women,most people,especially men find it hard to listen to me. there was a time i worked for a hospital as a counselor in the ART center.it was difficult to counsel older people because they feel they know better

My Vision for the Future: A world without gender barriers

My Areas of Expertise: HIV/AIDS issues,Child welfare and Social welfare

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Dear Pauline,

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I am so glad that you are inspired to speak out on behalf of women. Thank you for your commitment to the welfare of children and those that are most vulnerable in your community. It is wonderful that you are discovering your purpose and are choosing to devote your energy to empowering others! Stay strong and have faith in yourself. It is certainly challenging when others belittle us and don't take us seriously. This is no reflection on you, however, as you know.

I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

With love,


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