What excites me most about Web 2.0 is the ability to connect not only to people around the world but also to opportunities. Critical masses, shared experiences and learning are key to the growth of the global women’s empowerment movement. Web 2.0 provides women all over the world with means to connect, organize, share experiences , support each other, draw strength from each other the list is endless.

What I consider as an important contribution on my part to the global women’s empowerment movement is supporting girls in slums in breaking the poverty cycle. Having been born and bred in a slum, where opportunities for growth are limited and chance of being entrapped in a cycle loom large. Web 2.0 tools give us a chance to transcend the circumstances we are born into by connecting to opportunities and people who are willing to give us a fighting chance out. Using the online tools has provided me with an opportunity to connect with the world to tell the slum story in a way that does not reduce us to mere vessels of need but authors of our own destiny. In a TED Talk titled “Retelling the Slum Story.” I wanted to implore the world to see the part of a slum that goes beyond the open sewers, crowed spaces and at times crushing poverty to the little struggle to come out of poverty and a need to give us a fighting chance.

There have been moments of success and I am hoping by taking part in this training, I able to connect with a thousand of women working toward a world beyond poverty and mostly importantly figure out how to connect thousands of women in slums with opportunity to break the poverty cycle and support them in their role to do so.

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Beautiful words Pauline. It absolutely touched me.

I myself am from a very poor childhood background. Nonetheless I consider to have been luckier than many people out there. In Maldives, we do not have slums. I only witnessed slums on a visit to India and later to Bangladesh. But what struck me most from the experience was the absolute harmony with nature and the simplicity of life. Just a little effort by the government can raise their standards. That's what we need to be doing. And I am so glad you have been able to reach out to this digital environment.

Wish you all the best for your efforts


Salaam Aminah

Thank You for your kind words Amniah. I read a couple of your poems Impressive, Their titles are cool and catchy. I am sure we will get to know more of each other...

Keep Well.

I was so very moved by your words. It is very important that people around the world not only get a deeper understanding of the lives touched by poverty, but get to know the people and their hopes and dreams, for that is what it meants to be human and our humanity is what connects us. I look forward to reading more of your work!

The digital world does offer so many opportunities for us to share our experiences and connect with so many beyond our borders. You have already gone a step further with your work in supporting girls in slums to help break the poverty cycle. Go for it! Make your dream come true. The social media can reach far and wide and you will have all the support you need. Keep writing and you will realize you have many supporting and sharing your cause.


What jumps out the most to me in your piece is your connection to your upbringing, and how you did not turn your back on people who still live in the conditions you lived through. The way you are helping others really demonstrates leadership. Thank you for sharing this story, it is very inspiring!