About Me:

I am Mr. Jen Philippe Gombaniro Tembeya from the DRC.
Journalist, Environmentalist and Wildlife Conservationist, Fotball and Tennis Coach.
I have also learnt to be a Manager after my Master's Degree in Business Administration, especially Project Management. I am now running small business like English learning school, Tourism agency and Gombanet University in Bukavu next October with 60% women in the acdemic and administrative activities.

I like helping women and kids in their promotion and defend their their rights through our local NGO "Gombanet Foundation".
Many people wonder why I am so much interested in women and child promotion when men speak for theselves
and nobody else speaks for them. I say, the voice of a woman is lowered by man's dictatorship. They say I am
crazzy and I say "Yes, for the sake of those who are stepped down".
My wife and I train women leaders and prepare them to help us convince as many as possible through sports activities.
Next for more.

My Passions:
Sport, Tourism and Environment Research, plays

My Challenges:
Naivety (I quickly trust people who desappoint me afterwards) and short financial ressources

My Vision for the Future:
To have 60% of women having the same rights as men in DRC

My Areas of Expertise:
Sports, Teaching, Business, Media and Movie making

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"The voice of a woman is lowered by man's dictatorship"- this is a brilliant quote for which you should be known- you sound like an absolutely amazing man! On behalf of women everywhere, I thank you and wish you success on every level.

Thank you and I will get back to you soon with some articles Thank you very much for the consideration. It is a promiss I am for and with woman in the fight. My wife can testify it. You will hear about her.


Hello Philippe, Just stopping by to say hello to you and your wife. I hope you are both healthy and happy and continuing your fight for women's equality!