The unity of our struggles...

Darwish the poet says....he and I say her.. and they aasked her. I wish of us to join our struggles...

share the words of a poet...

Poem of the Land

By Mohamoud Darwish

And they asked him:
Why do you sing?
And he answered, as they seized him:
I sing because I sing…

And they searched his chest
But could only find his heart
And they searched his heart
But could only find his people
And they searched his voice
But could only find his grief
And they searched his grief
But could only find his prison
And they searched his prison
But could only see themselves in chains

From Poem Of The Land, Mahmoud Darwish
(Written to commemorate five Palestinian girls killed by the Israelis, March 30, 1976, at a demonstration to protest Israeli seizures of Arab land).

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My sister,you inspire me really when i see you front the rights parade,i am engulfed by shame at doing nothing,yet i can do something

I believe in every woman's heart and soul.