Still Sings the Nightbird Philo Ikonya, 2013

Philo Ikonya
Posted March 7, 2009 from Kenya

African Books Collective

Still Sings the Nightbird Philo Ikonya Do we live inside the breasts of our mothers? In the mind and hearts of two women, indeed at their breasts a nation lives. The whole universe is in the lives of the people Philo writes about. They hear the song of the nightjar and it has meaning. Inside a mother’s chest her daughter hangs like a silent unvenerated Pieta.“Wakabi has eyes inside her breast. She sees from inside there. She knows this story well…” A country’s literature is rooted in its history. But when history is full of hardship can authors create books pregnant with optimism? In Still Sings the Nightbird Philo Ikonya defies the currents of hopelessness to point her readers to a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel of nightmares. Out of the lonely cry of a nightjar, the rape of Kabi and indeed of Kenya, appears a light beaming into a brighter future.

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  • bnderitu
    Jul 07, 2009
    Jul 07, 2009

    Sing on nightbird,

    To you philo

    we know you for your courage, Keep hope burning, singing in the darkest of nights, When the sun rays shoot thru nightbird, Your face shining in the moonlight will glitter with the power of the sun god..

    Sing on nightbird, Sing on. Someone hears!

    Still sing, nightbird!

  • Philo Ikonya
    Jul 07, 2009
    Jul 07, 2009

    thanks for enjoying reading this.. and for seeing me in it.. Hope it will be a book someday...

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