Am appealing to you as Pulse women that we be the ones who do not allow the world to make this mockery of Justice acceptable. The UN, the ICC and all people must repudiate this sentence of another year and a half for 63 year old Aung San Suu Kyi! We must stop glorying in seeing the statue of liberty but actually make many people free! Let us ask all Nobel laureates to stand up for their colleague Aung San Suu Kyi. They can call a meeting, they can strike or they can just jolly well do a Bill, go there and refuse to go away until Aung San Suu Kyi is free and can live in Burma.. in fact, lead Burma! Here it is the world on trial, not Aung San Suu Kyi? Do you agree with me? Then take action! Go to Voices Rising here on our own Pulse and support a spirited article by Global Justice.. and of course give suggestions for what can be done. We are creative people, we have attorneys among us, advocates, judges. people in positions.. let us refuse to sit back. And let us tell UN Secretary General he is failing us and all women in failing Aung San Suu Kyi!

All freedoms are connected, they take one persons and they take yours.. if we allow this today, we are curtailing our freedom and that of generations to come in the whole world, forever! Philo

Freedom must ring from Burma to Kenya

Philo Ikonya- ‘ Kenya ©

How I was long away, In the forest making magic, With weeds I made a wreath, And a ring for freedom, Rang from deep in my heart! Aung San, her father must be dismayed!

Get Aung San Syu Kyi free, set her free!

Freedom must ring from our forests, Before without test they lived for us! Springing forth for us food and medicine; Forests, no rest now, drying up and tested. Shout her freedom, like Daw Suu her granma, shout it!

Take freedom's ring Aun San Suu Kyi, take it!

Siiing freedom oh! Forests glad! You know the shelter and care, You gave Mau Mau before Mau The life of Kenya was destroyed!

Get Aung San Suu Kyi free, set her free!

Let freedom forests speak in Burma. Let the pyinkado, padauk and teak, Singing songs in the leaves bringing hope; Bringing freedom to thousands arrested.

Take freedom blossom Burma , set the world free!

Let Ngong’ forest speak and throw up her mantle! Pinto, Mboya, Josiah Mwangi K and Muge! Ouko, Oulu and Oscar and the disappeared! Karura, tell us what you know of dead Kenyan heroes?

We set Kenya free, We set all free!

Set our forests free and let the trumpet blast, Of the blooming padauk speak best, Colour bright yellow and sweet scented, Open forth and tell it to the world.

Blossom free! get Aung San Syu Kyi free!

That Aung San left a daughter tree, That Daw Su saw her grow free, That is liberty in name, not in statue! Let all say, the people need her alive to stay!

Get Aung San Syu Kyi free! get her!

Aung San Suu Kyi freedom granted, Rain will fall in Burma and Kenya! The heat of her struggle has set me free. Aung San Suu Kyi the freedom bearer. Aung Saaaan Syuuu Kyiiii……… Aung Sannn Syuuu Kyiiii………. Must be free at last, free at last! Free at last to last and last!

Get Aung San Syu Kyi free Now, Or forget freedom's name!

Philo Ikonya 18th August 2009 6: 46 am