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Posted February 29, 2012 from United States

A friend said, "Seldom does 'thought provoking' provoke any kind of movement." I guess what he meant is we have to act and do our part to change our circumstances. Translate thoughts to action and gather strength-in-numbers.

Gender inequity transverse all national boundaries. How can we change our circumstance by changing ourselves first? And then we can change the mindset of society. How can we reassess ourselves as someone worthy — as an asset, not liability? And tell our daughters they are also worthy — then we can help them fight for the opportunities they deserve.

I'm doing my part to bring gender awareness to the forefront by working on a documentary "Rise of the Phoenix" It's about the changing roles, rights and status of women in China as they stand at the crossroad facing oppressive traditions of the past and the challenges and opportunities of the present. I have mentioned it here a while ago and it's still a-work-in progress. I'm trying to raise much needed funds to return to China to finish it.

There are 10 more days to my fundraising campaign for this film through Kickstarter and it's nearing its goal.

I'm pledging you to help me go above and beyond my goal because even after it's met, it's still not half of the budget I need to return. Please help make this an international effort to make this project a reality.

Thank you.

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