Pu Ruixia and Grandmother, two generations of women
  • Pu Ruixia and Grandmother, two generations of women

Giving voice to women is something dear and close to my heart. Empowering them is something I'd like to participate since we're so different yet so much alike. I've started on the documentary SPILLED WATER almost 4 years ago (formerly known as RISE OF THE PHOENIX) and am happy to say it's now completed.

During this period, I have contributed to this forum many times trying to come to grips on how to help usher in a paradigm shift of how we view ourselves as women. How we assess our self-worth? How we deal with cultural baggage and social circumstance that tie us down?

No easy answers. But from this forum, the voices and desires to break free are there. WORLDPULSE is an awesome platform to harness this positive energy to make changes for women all over the world. It is not enough for us to talk about the problems, we must offer up solutions as well. In my last entry here, I said "I am not SPILLED WATER" — a metaphor of being perceived as worthless for being female. It is the responsibility of mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, aunts, friends ... to redefine their worth and assert their rights. It is within our power to transform our worlds whether it's China or Congo.

My film is available for conference or seminar use, for more information, please visit http://spilledwaterdoc.com/ You can also see the trailer there. We'll stand in solidarity that "we're not SPILLED WATER."

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What an incredible achievement. I applaud your dedication and your mission to bring global transformation. I believe that together we are stronger and we will achieve many great things.

Looking forward to watching the film soon. In solidarity,

Scott Beck

Hi Scott, What a treat to receive your kind words! I was just interviewed by WBEZ's Jerome McDonall on Worldview program. It's an NPR station in Chicago. I'd love for this film to play a role in WorldPulse's women empowerment efforts, but I don't know who and where to start. My hope is this film can be an instrument of this kind of work --- helping women to moving forward.

Thanks again.


Wonderful to get some media attention! I wish there were screenings coming to my neck of the woods...eventually, I'm sure. :) World Pulse can be a great place for your audience to come after viewing the film and carry on the conversation, and connect with other passionate folks around the world. This could be a group you set up for example. Just an idea!

Watched the trailer--looks beautiful and very compelling. Great work!

Scott Beck

Hi Jacollura, Thanks for your kind words. I see that you're involved in many women initiatives, SPILLED WATER could be a good fit for one of them. I believe the power of media can be unleashed in the right venues.

All best, May