“VOF Week 3: (The challenges and barriers of blogging and ways to overcome them)”

Posted April 6, 2009 from Kenya

A blog is a web site that functions as a journal or a diary or a place to post your thought and opinions pertaining to a particular subject matter. Blogging has very many challenges and barriers which people are trying to overcome but some in vain. For blogging to take place there have to be a connection to the internet which is not available in some areas. Some people are also still not aware of this technology to bring able to post and read commentaries over the internet.

It is not easy to start a blog and especially to get to make it popular so that other people can get to know about it and even be a part of it by posting their ideas. Some other people may not support your blog and might even mimick it and give negative and malicious feedback. Language barriers are also a problem in blogs because it limits to only the group who can understand the language being used. The search engine optimization is so important in a blog though it brings about a lot of traffic to the blog. Some blogs really take a lot of time to come up with which might discourage someone especially if patience is not practiced by one. Sometimes accessing a blog becomes a problem and this causes frustrations especially when someone really needs to access them. Two or three attempts would put one off and they would forget about the blog because of its unreliability.

One of the solutions to the blogging challenges is trying to figure out where your blog stands and not by taking in everything that people tell you but by choosing what would work best for you. Patience and not giving up also pays. Feedback should be welcome both positive and negative. That is the way to grow. The blog should also be up to date. If you are too busy to manage and maintain your blog then you can always put someone to be in charge. You can put a search engine optimization with a good frequency of posting alongside it as it would work pretty well.

In order to make the blog interesting one should try free writing and also pinch ideas from anywhere and everywhere. You can also change a blogs environment in order to overcome blogging fatigue. A problem like the one for language barrier can be contained if translations for all the other national languages are put available. There should be education and advertisements of blogs especially the ones that really count and make a difference in people’s lives so that people can be aware that they exist and make good use of them. Blogs that are out of date or dormant should be removed from the net so that jam can be reduced and the other active blogs can run efficiently.

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  • mrudberg99
    Apr 13, 2009
    Apr 13, 2009

    Dear Phylis,

    Thank you for taking the time to write about the challenges to blogging! These are all very true depending on where one is, what they are blogging, etc. I know I have experienced a few of what you have written.

    I would very much like to hear more about your own personal blogging challenges - is it access to the Internet? Or is it a language barrier? When or where do you find the time to blog? Is this a challenge for you?

    I am left wanting more specific to your own personal challenges and how you hope or are overcoming them. I hope you will write more about these so I can get to know you more! I look forward to enjoying more of your postings and reading more of your 'voice'. Thank you, Phylis.


  • LauraB
    Apr 23, 2009
    Apr 23, 2009

    Hi Phylis,

    With the numerous and ever growing blogs out there...yes, how do you get heard and keep up the motivation to write and share. Seems World Pulse, with its common themes and pulse give us reason to come again and again to share. I am so glad that we have found this place to gather to connect our voices.

    I like the idea of your free writing. I do that too sometimes when I get stuck or want to understand something better.

    I hope that the VOF experience has been all that you had hoped for and that it leaves you ready to connect more with us here.

    Warm wishes,