“VOF Week 4 (My vision and mission as a world pulse correspondent)”

Posted April 13, 2009 from Kenya

l am seeing myself as an advocate for women issues. I want to prosper, challenge men and be an equal to them. I want my community to exercise equal rights for both women and men. I want to see the whole world giving equal opportunity to both sexes regardless of their cultures. I want to see a fair and happy world which is economically fit because of the combined efforts of amazing teamwork of men and women. My vision for the world is to see women being recognized and their input be felt all round.

I want to be a correspondent so that l can bring to light what it is women are really going through and most especially in the hands of their beloved husbands, brothers, fathers and grandfathers. I would like the whole world to be aware of some unimaginable things that we women out here go through. This would then make these issues to be addressed and sorted out.

By being a correspondent l would be able to access other women’s problems and air them out in order to get solutions for them. I would also get ideas from other people both men and women on how to curb these issues.

As a correspondent I will be an advocate for women and will therefore not hesitate to stand up for the rights of women. I would be able to reach these women, walk with them through their problems and help them come up with ideas that would work best for them and those that are achievable.

As a correspondent l would be able to help other women find themselves. I will help them discover their inner selves, their talents l will try my best to raise their self esteem and show them that anything could be possible including the dreams that they once had and were shattered. I would help them gain their self confidence and face life with vigor.

I would help them think and come up with ways of being independent by giving them hope and the support they need and reminding them that it is never too late to be what one wanted to be in this life.

I believe that being one of the world pulse correspondents then l would have a greater opportunity to interact with women from all walks of life regardless of region, religion, culture, social status, education background e.t.c. Getting to know more about their predicaments l can know which way to take. That can help me get the support l need because they would be right behind me or better still walking side to side with me to achieve our freedom and rights as women.

Being a correspondent for the world pulse would help me make a great change in the lives of very many women out here. Since many of them will be empowered and know their rights they would be able to make the right decisions and help improve their lives and therefore make a change positively to the entire world. The empowerment will shall have been done.

World pulse is a well know site dealing with issues relating to women. It has helped me by changing my life and l would feel more that obliged to share what l have learnt from world pulse to help enhancing and improving the lives of many and not let it all go in vain.

So many people and not only aware of world pulse but also members of it and I believe they would be more than willing to offer me all the support that l need in this journey of achieving my vision for the betterment of girl-child sex. That gives me the confidence to be one of the correspondents because it will make and amazing effects to the lives of many living and the unborn.

World pulse is doing a very good job and it is certainly going places. I want to be part of it. I want to grow with it, I want to be recognized with it, I want to be associated with it. I know that given the chance to all add my input to this forum the results will be wonderful.

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  • Apr 20, 2009
    Apr 20, 2009

    Dear Phylis,

    Your words are very heart-felt and true. I think that you have the passion and motivation to make a real change with the women in your country and elsewhere. I appreciate your view of equality for all people, this includes men, with more understanding. World Pulse can bring women's stories to light for all to see and learn, not just other women. To make real change, everyone must be involved and must learn. I hope that you keep pursuing this dream to make a difference and will stay a part of World Pulse and the community who support it.

    Kindest regards, Theresa

  • molliv
    Apr 22, 2009
    Apr 22, 2009


    i loved reading your whole post, but i think my favorite thing was the fact that you talk about how much worldpulse has helped you, and how you want to in turn take that gift and give it to others who may not have experienced such a supportive community yet. i think that is definitely getting to the heart of "empowerment".

    i do want to point out, though, that while worldpulse has obviously done you a lot of good, it has done this by giving STRENGTH to you that will exist whether or not you become a correspondent. you have discovered the power of the web, of support systems, and of finding your own voice. you have been listened to by others and have listened to others. you have embraced who and what you are and all the good you can create. no one can take that from you now!