Balance in Life - To Succeed

Tan Ching
Posted May 27, 2014 from Singapore

When I was still a student pursuing tertiary education many, many years ago, many students main focus was just on attaining academic achievements. Other than this, for those who could do "extra" or wanted to achieve more due to their talents for being able to do so, to push themselves further, they engaged in extra curricular activities when they then proceeded to excel in sport, representing schools or as sports leaders. Some others include those who could excel in performing arts, in choirs or Chinese dances or school bands and many others more. There is a range of co-curricular activities in Singapore schools, many more are offered now in schools when they were not offered during my times. These include ballet, modern dance etc. For those with leadership capabilities, they were chosen or elected to become student leaders. There were not many families who could afford to send their children to music classes such as piano, violin, guitar ( just to name a few ). Those who could gain something that can reflect good in their resume in the later stage of their life or maybe there are those Singaporeans who opt to become freelance piano teachers or to teach in music schools or become music teachers in government schools as they make it their professional career, by going for music degrees to complete their music education.

However, one thing remains the most important , no matter how much a student excels, it is still their academic results. Many students from my time till those today, still take the idea of gaining experiences as interns, working as temps in international companies, or to experience life by working part-time in cafes like Starbucks or other outlets in the retail sector and food & beverage industry.

As the system evolves and further develops in Singapore...till now, though academic results is still the main contributing factor for one's application to colleges. Even moral education, of which general grading for a student's values and leadership abilities are recorded in one's report book in school. Other aspects become part of the considering components. Volunteering experiences in voluntary welfare organisations, political exposure and even blogging work are also what tertiary students or college grads would want themselves to be skills and experiences they are equipped and exposed to.

As a society develops, youngsters become more technologically savvy and political aware, the challenges in life are more and competition is increased, whether for jobs applications or competing for that place in university course that one desires. It is becoming a more comprehensive system, to meet the ever changing situations in the country and the world as globalization continues.

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