I adapt to many situations and socializing is one of them. With the fact that most of the times I am cooped up at work, social networking came just at the right time-when the internet is the tool i need to broaden horizons. When I met Martha Akello through face book,she had been abused in her marriage because she was so lesbian but society had forced her to get into a marriage to a man who raped her every time in the name of conjugal rights, she had taken enough and decided to walk out to the dismay of her parents who in turn ex-communicated her! My heart went out to her. Here is where the power of social media came in. I wrote about her story on facebook and tweeted on it and through these I got a counselor for her to help her through her trauma. She got out of that marriage a wreck, broken and HIV positive. She is now living positively and in a relationship with a woman (whom she met through internet too) who is her fortress. When I was doing this I did it not knowing the impact it would create in me and for her, from that I never stopped being a source of inspiration to fellow women.

When my own family was faced with trials and my mother suffered the loss of a husband, left with no property and a mentally challenged son it strengthened me more and the vision I developed for myself was to be an example to the rest of the young women in my community.To be liberated and empower women in my community to be independent and not dependent, to be fighters and not losers and to stop languishing in self pity. To walk with them through the realms of fire be it cultural, social, economical or religious without faltering to achieve it all. I desire to see the women in my community economically-socially and politically empowered so that they too can have a grip of their lives and to contribute to our economy positively and in uniformity. It would be my pleasure if even just one woman whom has been inspired by my vision rose to be known in the whole world through her contributions to the womenfolk in relation to development. Women are the backbone of an economy! An economy with empowered and informed women means reduction in poverty levels.

For this reason I so desire to become a Voices of Our Correspondent so that I can be able to open my community to the world. Just like with Martha Akello’s story, I want to realize my vision with women from my community. I am targeting the young woman from age 18 up to 35 in the grassroots level. To me these are the most vulnerable age and it’s the time they go through a lot in their lives and in the community. It is easier to empower a young mind as they are always willing to learn and can easily adapt with the emerging social-economic and political trends of today. An informed young woman from the grassroots will know the benefits of educating her girl child and has to work very hard so as to see the success of her child. She will not sit and watch her age mates go for seminars, trainings or even join developmental groups and be left behind in the bandwagon. Hence they can be a source of inspiration to one another. And this will ensure a uniform development. I want to be mentored because personally I am still young of age and mind but I want to show the world that I too can make a great difference just like mother Teresa or just like our very own (may her soul rest in peace) Prof Wangari Maathai. I have the will, the courage and World Pulse should now provide a platform/forum for me to realize and implement then share the success with the rest of the women from around the globe. I DO NOT WANT TO TRY!!! I WANT TO DO IT.

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Your desire is what will let you do it. Targeting young and grassroots women is not a mistake because most of the time they are at a disadvantage in development.


Just like ur name states my desire is to target the young...in my community we have a saying that goes"samaki mkunje angali mdogo"which basically means ,u can only change something when it is still young..

VERA ATIENO Voices of Women In Western Kenya

You have a very clear view of what you want to do, now just go out and do it! You sound like you are a very brave woman and you have our full support. I also think working with young women is a very good strategy because we are the future. Good luck!

Are you familiar with the Star Wars movie character Yoda? That is what he says, which is a very famous line; "Do or do not. There is no try."

What a wonderful attitude to have. I am beyond that 'grassoots' age, and wish I could go back and do things a little differently. I feel I was robbed of my 30's because of things that happened to me. But, in reality, I could have overcome them with a different attitude of 'things that happened' instead of 'to me'. That made me feel defeated, so I was not proactive.

But I am now, even though I am suffering with an unknown debilitating illness. So, I am encouraged by your attitude and strength. Go for it, girl!

Peace and strength-


Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

Positive is what i aspire to attain in my community...positive change,positive thinking,positive living,positive empowerment.when i turn all the negatives into positives then will i accept to die a happy fulfilled woman.

VERA ATIENO Voices of Women In Western Kenya

The strength of your vision comes across very clearly in your words. I support you in your mission and want to learn from you as well. I am so glad that you were able to help Martha, that experience alone is sure to have a ripple effect of blessing countless women everywhere.

thank you for noticing how i use my words to be catchy..this way you are helping me learn the art of knowing when an headline is attention grabbing or plain...Gracias

VERA ATIENO Voices of Women In Western Kenya

You are always welcome. More often than not, we never know how far the seemingly little things we say or do can go.You just made me appreciate my name even more.



Hey dear,

I admire your passion and keep on writing and fighting for the cause of women!!!!

All the best! Best regards Akech

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and vision with us...

I really hope that you continue on your path here with VOF...no matter where you go...you can and are making a difference...

Attitude and intent is everything!

I stand in solidarity with you...


Thank you for sharing this very personal story. I have always believed that if we can change the ideas of one person then we have succeeded because that person will touch another and then another ..... eventually one small offering can change so many lives. It is wonderful that you have found the tools of the internet so helpful in getting your words out to others. They are important and provide hope to women around the world. You are such a positive role model for others so I know you will do whatever you decide to put your sights on.



“Women have a special capacity to lead us to a more peaceful world with compassion, affection and kindness. And there is no more important time for that than this moment.” - Dalai Lama

i support you a hundred and one percent we are the drivers of this change that we so much desire and fight for with u, me and another like minded lady/woman we can put the foundation and be the pioneers. good work and keepon keeping on. with love irene