Asante is a swahili word meaning" thank you" and Hongera is" congratulations" in swahili language. My Asante goes to the whole of the 2011 vof applicants for all the stories and different ideas you managed to share with me.I must admit that everyday i would go through ypur submissions and learn so much.i learnt new terminologies as some of us have very advanced english.Knowing what happens in a village in cameroon couldnt have been easy for me but thanks to your submissions and stories.Mr. Scott and Rachael "asante " for the reminders and the information WP shared with me and the rest.I got out of the" I" box into the "WE" and realised that teamwork is an essential part of our work as correspondents. Hongera to the apllicants who managed to submit all their assignments,and to the ones who will be chosen (i know i am one of them) to undergo the training program,i wish you all the best.And may all of us continue to share and interact to make a positive change using social media.

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Thanks for introducing me to another swahili word "hongera". I love the language and would have loved to spend more time in East Africa learning it.

Asante sana for the post and you are very right, it was a joy and pleasure to read and share stories from across the globe.