There live pretty women near my home with her entire family. She is living nearby since 4 years and one day suddenly she came to me and opened her heart. She was more of an open book to me. She told me the incident of how her family torture and abuse her for not giving birth to a boy.

When her family came to know that her first child will be a daughter, before letting the child see the beautiful world, they forced her to abort the child. They did not want girls to take birth in their family as they consider girls nothing more but a burden and trouble. They think that the whole life they have to invest upon girls and at the end they are some body’s else.

The women somehow gave birth to the next child, a fun-loving daughter, who usually comes to my place and ask me to assist in her assignment. When she was born, the family did not see the child for one month just because she was born as girl. They consider her as a nuisance.

In the hope of getting a boy, the family, over and over again, forced her to beget off springs. They warned her that if next time she does not give birth to a boy then she has to leave the home and her husband will marry new women.

This is so embarrassing that people consider girls as a burden and boys as gods. They have just not understood the power of women

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Pooza, Namaskar. Alas, in so many regions of the world, a daughter is seen as a burden. In some ways, I do understand the reasoning behind this thinking as in my culture, traditionally once the daughter marries, she "belongs" to the husband's family and it was rare for her to maintain contact or even ties to her family. Likewise any son who marries, brings the wife into his family and she becomes the support for her in-laws, taking care of them through to their passing. Because of this system, the parents know that the daughter will not be able to take care of them in their old age, nor will be able to provide financial support, and so their future likes in the hands of their sons.

In saying this, I feel it is imperative that daughters are valued and educated so that they can begin to change attitudes and traditions that disempower them. Educated daughters who marry may not be able to change the attitudes and perceptions of their in-laws and can educate their husbands to not only value daughters but to also enroll them in school so that they learn to stand up for their rights. Slowly but surely, attitudes are changed and the tradition systems that bind a woman to her husband's family are broken.

You are such an inspiration as you are witnessing the lives of women and girls who have been subjugated, and questioning established systems that need to be changed in order for there to be gender parity in this world. By you not accepting societal norms and by talking with your friends and family, you are spreading word that things need to change and together, your voices can make a difference. I look forward to reading more from you. Keep questioning, keep raising your voice as it is only when people speak out against the repressive systems that laws can be reformed, policies changed and attitudes revisited.

Hardik subhakamana, Janice

hey janice,

yes, i wil do raise my voice with the support of this community. Looking to hear from you as well.

Warm wishes, pooza