"VOF Week 3: (What impedes me from blogging)."

Posted April 7, 2009 from Nepal
Our ancestors would have never imagined that with one click one could know about the rest of the world. Internet has made everything easier and probably possible. But with benefits, comes problems. When I started blogging, I was very excited to let the world know what I knew. But with time I realized that spending hours in computer; typing a post and making it concise yet meaningful is not an easy job. Also, writing posts revolving round on one topic sometimes seems repetitive. For instance, sometimes when I read my own posts in my blog, I find similar ideas in most of my posts. Another problem is similarity between the blogs. I have a blog on poverty but if I google for blogs on poverty, I can easily find a significant list. So I need to present new ideas and prospect of the topic in order to stand out from others. I think management of time is very important factor that acts as barrier to blogging. Personally, I do have very hard time devoting my time apart from my academic life to my blog. Recently, my biggest problem with blogging has been that I have lost my interest in writing posts about poverty. Each time I learn about a new and interesting topic, I wish I could start a blog on the topic. I wonder if other bloggers have felt the same way. Though I have been facing the barriers, I have not lost my interest in blogging. It is really interesting to present your ideas to the world and know their views upon your thoughts. To save time, I think about the topic of my posts, write them in a paper, edit it, type it when offline and publish it when online. Further, I try to explore different aspects of a topic to avoid repetition of ideas in posts. For example, in my blog for poverty <a href= “http://poorvoices.wordpress.com/”>Poor voices</a>, I try to explore the causes and effects of poverty that is unknown to other people. Also, including photos reflecting different sides of poverty has helped me give variety in my posts. Moreover, relating one’s topic with different issues of life would help to grab attention of the readers and make one unique. I was very happy when my one of my teachers praised my work of showing relation between art and poverty. I think coming up with completely different ideas can really help sometimes because they become more noticeable and thought provoking. Regarding my interests on other topics for blogging, I try to be more focused in my topic. In future, it might seem monotonous and boring but still exploring new things about the things one already knows has its own pleasure. With pace of time, I will have to experience many ups and downs in blogging. But with hope and faith on myself, I believe I can overcome the challenges and present the world with a new subject to think upon.

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  • Brigitte Wezel-Janssens
    Apr 09, 2009
    Apr 09, 2009

    You point out interesting ideas regarding blogging. It is true that a great number of people can have access to internet and express oneself so you've got to think of innovative ideas, but that is positive! In this world, we need innovation! The most important remains though to make one's voice heard, and concentrate on subjects that really passionate you! Good luck and thanks for your post. Brigitte

  • Fatima Waziri - Azi
    Apr 15, 2009
    Apr 15, 2009

    I think we all share the same sentiments about blogging, its similarities and all. I perticularly loved the way you stated that blogging is more than what meets the eyes and how you put time in coming up with a meaningful blog; that on its own is a challenge.

    Good job!

  • prabisha
    Apr 16, 2009
    Apr 16, 2009

    Dear Brige and Fatima,

    I am so glad that I have found such a great place to share my ideas and encouragement from people like you.

    Thank you.

    Peace Prabi