I am a voice eager to be heard I am a thought expecting to be acknowledged I am an individual striving to make my mark I know the journey is long I know there will be hurdles on each step And questions on each story They might scare me Mock me Laugh at me But that does not stop me from moving ahead From speaking for myself From speaking for the voiceless From helping the forgotten I am confident of myself and the power of the impact of a sincere individual voice I am a part of the impulse and the creator of a new world of possibilities Yes, I am a WOMEN proud of who I am.

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Pras, Your poem articulates courage, determination and resilience, come what may. your voice is strong. Girl, keep your voice LOUD Good poem

Grace Ikirimat "It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Thank you for your poem, Prashamsa, I think it's really beautiful, demonstrating bravery, and encouraging resolve in the face of adversity: it's inspiring and empowering to read! Keep striving to make your mark - you have so much to give :)