It was during my graduation years that my best friend Meghna’s mother had passed away. At the raw age of eighteen, fate had put her through immense trauma. In spite of being an outsider, I was truly shaken myself. As a result, 2nd of March 2006 proved to be one of the worst days of my life. The feeling of loss that Meghna and her family went through was unfathomable. Getting over this incident was not very easy for her. But as they say, time is a great healer and as days passed by, she learnt to live with, what was now, her past.

It was two years down the line when life was rude to her again. While attending a friend’s terrace party she got a call saying, her father was being rushed to a hospital. This time, along with all of us, she was caught off guard as well. Four of us immediately rushed to the hospital on two motorbikes. During that ride, fear kept creeping in and shooing unpleasant thoughts became tougher by the second. When we finally arrived, we learnt that her father had gone through a minor cardiac arrest and was now admitted in the ICU.

Just as we opened the door, we spotted uncle lying on the second bed. He gave us a meek smile and showed a thumb up. Uncle has been a very courageous man and looking at him lying on the hospital bed, was very disheartening.

Meghna was terribly shaken, but she composed herself and inched closer to sit next to her father. Uncle held a hand out, asking her to give her hand in his. Just as she was doing so, I caught her palm tremble. Uncle noticed this too.

At this sight, uncle looked at her straight in the eyes and said “Meghna, God is testing us again. You have been a very strong child, you are my son! Do not fall weak now. There is no cause of worry, trust me.” After these words, Meghna impulsively strengthened. She firmly clasped her father’s hand and told him “I take your word for it daddy, I shall worry no more, I trust you.” Even as a mere spectator, I felt immensely relived. Just one touch between the father and daughter was enough to send waves of strength through each other. Something inside me now knew things would soon be fine.

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My grandma always told me it is a sin to worry. It brings nothing but fear and a lack of hope. With the fathers wise words not to worry and the physical interaction between him and his child brought not only strength, as you mention, but trust that they'll always be there for each other. And it is valuable to know that you too have that trust, due to the support that you have given to your friend.

Hey carri

Is it really a sin to worry. I worry so much and my entire family in involved in this sin.Thank you Priyanka for raising the issue.

Peace Pooza

It probably isn't and sin is probably an unnecessary word but that is just what my grandma always said. I worry so much too but it doesn't contribute to anything positive so I try not to.

I'm glad you could share your friend's story. She is obviously someone you care a lot about, and it's great that, even though she was hurting, you were both able to learn the power of a father's words.