Introducing myself and my journal

fadi adwan
Posted April 4, 2009 from Israel

About Me: Propa Images

Propa images photo agency is an international photo wire agency, based in middle east .

We provide a full coverage of middle east.

Established by veteran photojournalists, propa image's mission is to be in the front of every news story.

Propa images is the source for all your photography needs in middle east and all of the world .

And Propa Images offer media services such as : photo , documentary film's and writing reports .

And lots of things wich your companies need .

Propa images seek to gather all professional and hobbyists photography around the world .

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  • JaniceW
    Apr 04, 2009
    Apr 04, 2009

    We are happy to have you as a member of our online community. Do you mind me asking how you found us?

    Propa Images provides a strong visual portrayal of life in the Middle East that is often not covered in the international syndicated press. I am sure our members will find your site interesting and thought-provoking. Again, welcome and I hope you find this to be a positive experience. Janice PulseWire Community Director