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Dear, INVITATION TO PARTNER IN CHARITY PROJECTS In perspective, of the vision of the struggle to alleviate the African State of deprivation caused by hunger, epidemics, floods, wars,terrorism and Child Soldiers, the initiative QERA was formed as a movement, focused on salvaging Children(the most vulnerable lot) in the midst of the abovementioned perils that plague Africa. QERA:- Quest for the Education rights of the African Child Action Initiative. This organization is a brainchild of a collection of Intellectuals and prominent Nigerian Statesmen/women, aimed at using Nigeria as a starter point for the focus of the Humanitarian Project, before expanding to the rest of the Sub-region. VISION:- The Initiative is focused on proactive humanitarian projects(1)The rehabilitation of displaced Children, via perils such as floods, epidemics,bomb blasts, thus loss of Parents in any crises situation, etc. (2)Donation of food, drugs, vaccines, clothing, reorientation, and educational scholarships up to Tertiary levels (3)Working on accessing a necessary framework to reach every nook and cranny of Nigeria, to adopt the Children into our Programs. The Initiative is structured by a board of Trustees, then Partners. The forum to have excellent minds come together to run the charity values, in one accord to achieve its goals. Additionally, is the opportunity accorded to dedicated partners with strong charity or fundraising proposals, could be allowed to win the “direct sponsorships” account from a major donor which could run into Millions of dollars and of course the result of the fundraising is to make a percentage of returns available for QERA. Partners,should amount to a hundred personalities either representing organizations or persons)whilst donations can be sought via Philanthropists and Local/international Charity funding Organizations. DYNAMICS:- QERA is at her formative stage, we are functioning via our relief centers all over the Nation, using Pharmacies and Dispensaries, as State centers, with a Headquarter at Abuja, at our office in Maitama. Our website is under construction, however we have a functional email and we are available of Face book and twitter. Functionally, Partners are to meet quarterly every year(physically or via electronics, Skype e.t.c) and deliberate with the board on how best to upgrade the operations of the organization. Televised fundraising dinners should be held at least once a year. Funds realized from donations will be deliberated upon by partners and the board and further plans can be drawn out, as to what projects to apply the funds to. All forms of Media will be utilized to promote the vision of the Organization, whilst identities of partners are promoted alongside(if so wished). Partners will be used in Newspapers or Magazine interviews for the organization. Therefore in explicit terms, the organization will be run by the partners, as partners will determine the destiny of the Organization. BENEFITS OF PARTNERS:- (1) Tax relief (2)Prepaid services and maintenance for partners sent on projects or skills hired for any missions for the organization. (3)Partners shall be furnished with and will aid to refurbish (when necessary) the constitution of the initiative. (4)Exposure to like minds (5)Satisfaction derived from your involvement in a proactive humanitarian initiative REQUIREMENTA FOR PARTNERS: - (1) Company/Office/Title profile (2)Specialty preference/scope in Humanitarian focus (3)N800, 000(USD 5,000) yearly (4) Availability for meetings and operations when chosen. Thus QERA with a total conviction of your reputation and your dedication to Human Service, hereby invites you to partner with her in her vision for the African Child and their Mothers. God Bless. Best Regards Executive Secretary Kanayo.C.Nwade 2348057708222

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