I remember as a young girl how I read about great women of old like Queen Amina of Zaria, Margaret Thatcher and several others whose works and stories inspired me and I wanted to be like one of them.

I grew up in a little community called Sapele in Delta State Nigeria, a community where women don’t have a say, a community where every aspects of the people’s culture and tradition neglect the rights of the girl child. There is the issue of genital mutilation which is still being practiced, girl child education didn’t mean much until recent past, polygamy is the order of the day and in most cases the women work twice as the men to cater for their children with little support from the men.

As a young girl I wanted to be different, I wanted to be a source of inspiration to other women, I wanted to put smiles in the faces of people around me no matter how small the number with this in mind I became independent at age 17, gained admission into the University at 19 without my parents knowledge, became a graduate at 23 and was posted to a media outfit in Lagos where I have no relative of mine. As a producer in the media outfit I came in contact with Baobab for women organization in the early 2000 and have since been receiving news letters and from them and the link to Pulse Wire online community.

As a media practitioner, I see, read, acknowledge and appreciate great efforts of women around the world. I wanted to be part of these testimonies of women, I wanted to impact the lives of people in my world and I thought it was time to take a step after studying the site, the posts and the fact that I can actually contribute my own quota to this great work and tell my story. I was inspired and I thought being a part of ‘Voice For Our future’ will equip me to effectively affect lives, inspire people just like the posts on Pulse Wire online community impacted my life.

I believe life is what you make of it, I believe nothing is impossible, I believe we can make a difference if only we try and I believe that my journey so far is in line with what I have always desired, the ability, opportunity and platform to reach out, inspire and encourage people that comes in contact with me.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.

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Thank you Sophia, the world would be a better place if only we treat people right but i know that more women are getting more aware of their environment daily and this is just the beginning.

Q'nette Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you Usha, you are one of those who have really encouraged me to write my story on this community, this I haven't done with any network before now, so I am saying THANK YOU for helping find my voice. Thank you.

Q'nette Lagos, Nigeria

What a GREAT story!! You are already an inspiring woman and what a great story you have written. I am so impressed with all you have done and encourage you to keep it up!!

Thank you, Queenette, for sharing your story! It is clear that you are a woman with drive, determination and confidence who has paved her own path in life. It is an inspiring story that you share, and perhaps you are like Queen Amina of Zaria or Margaret Tatcher to young girls in your community in Nigeria or even here on PulseWire!!

Looking forward to hearing more from you...


Thank you Emily, some times you really don't know how much you have until you take stock,I have learnt a lot through this community and its been inspiring. I know that the best is yet come even as we continue our journey through life.

We will keep the good work hoping for the best. Thank you again its an honour knowing great women like you all.

Q'nette Lagos, Nigeria