When we are truly free

Rab'ia Keeble
Posted September 17, 2018 from United States

What does it mean to be truly free? In a world of crisis and turmoil, in a world that doesn't value human dignity, women, or girls, or primacy.  For me freedom resides in my voice, what am I able to say? And how many ways can I say it without being restricted.  Freedom means that my voice is valued, freedom means that I also have a responsibility to speak with care, to use my voice wisely and to not stir up controversies and conspiracies but to speak certain truths, and to elevate those who are downtrodden and who have been silenced.  When we are truly free there is no one telling us that this thing or that thing is too controversial to speak about, that God whom we all worship in some form has written rules to silence a portion of his creation, mainly females, minorities, and those on the margins of society.  When we have a God that does this, then whom can we worship? Worship empowers, we cannot empower a patriarchal misogynist male God.  We must uplift the feminine, the kinder aspect of our creator, we must find means of letting her voice be heard.  To rock us, soothe us, to nurture us out of our need for wars, and killing, and the blood sacrifices of young women in sex trafficking, to cease the abuse by priests and Imams of those who seek their wisdom but only find debasement at their hands.  People, mainly men, who use their vestments to hide their evil inclinations.  Freedom is standing for something, allowing that most fine, and sun-filled inner you to come forward and to proclaim that killing will stop, that color, religion, sect, gender doesn't matter, that the only thing that matters is humanity.  We are woven into a golden quilt of consciousness, seen by the cosmos as one mesh of gold, there are no eyes, no arms, no color, no voice only one golden quilt of consciousness, we are all part of this and as one part of a magnificent whole we consciously take part in everything that occurs on the earth, whether we believe we do or not,  we can only change the vibration of this consciousness and lift it up.  When we lift it up, then we are on a higher note, and we can begin to work as one beautiful chorus of people to end all the hate, all the wars, all the evils.  Freedom is knowing.  Knowing the most excellent and beautiful thing, and that is we are one. 

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Sep 18, 2018
Sep 18, 2018

Hi Rab'ia,

Thanks for sharing your passionate and compelling, first post. I agree that we have our voices, and that we all need to embrace the more feminine aspects of ourselves for a more peaceful world.

From my perspective, though, about God in particular, I feel that it wasn't the source's choice to have the religious texts written in the limiting way that it is, but the men's hands that the stories fell into that chose to have our voices minimized, or in some texts, completely obliterated. To me, that's one of the biggest problems that religion and the corresponding texts have for me. If they were written by women, in an entirely inclusive way, our world would be a very different place.

On another note, you may want to consider submitting this story, and filling out the corresponding survey on security, for the current story awards: "The Future of Security Is Women." Here is the link: https://www.worldpulse.com/en/voices-rising/story-awards/88510.

Looking forward to seeing more posts from you. Have a great day!

Ngala Nadege
Dec 16, 2018
Dec 16, 2018

Hello and thanks for sharing

Sis. Salifu
Dec 17, 2018
Dec 17, 2018

Hi Rabia,
Its sad to hear how you feel about God. Honesty, its we human who are bending God's rules to fit us. In turn we paint God Ugly.
The bible never meant for any mistreatment of female creatures when it says we must be submissive to our husband or the males. Likewise its indicates they "males" have to love us as their own body.

If they do so, they will never like to hurt themselves. Or will they?
God loves us so much and he still does :-)
Hope you have a great day.

Dec 28, 2018
Dec 28, 2018

And knowing we do not know

Bettina Amendi
Jan 07
Jan 07

Thank you for your post.The Living God of Israel i believe in is a merciful and loving God who created us in His own image.

Jan 13
Jan 13

Hi Ra'bia,
I was reading your post and smiling, since I was grown and educated a Roman Catholic but now -after many years of free choices- I've found my own faith and a loving way of living it. I got to your "patriarchal misogynist male God" description and thought about my years at school... were they so oppresive? I don't remember them that way, but I was a different person then. I just knew different things.
You're so right about freedom and knowledge, but I also think is about experience to argue every piece of knowledge. And that comes along with the years.
I celebrate your voice in our WP community. Keep it strong!