When Hopes Are Dashed I Will Be Standing

Rabia Salihi
Posted December 13, 2013 from Afghanistan

With each of us giving up hope, our nation will lose a chance to get repaired and rebuilt. Each one of us stands as a chance.

People believe the certainty of our futures is just a few more days far, elections of 2014. People are losing hope and one by one they are leaving Afghanistan especially because they believe that instability is on its way back to Afghanistan. Many prefer the dangers of drowning in oceans and of illegal passing but would not rather stay in Afghanistan. Such a person was the 17 years old boy, a friend of my brother and a neighbor. Another talent lost in hands of fate (RIP). Are people that hopeless?

Not to neglect, there are many who do have the hope.

When a husband threatens his wife that he will offer her to Taliban when they come back, it means that there are people who are waiting for such a return and repetition.

Today, a man cuts the nose and lips of his wife in Herat; that means that this comeback of Taliban and the time of darkness will be a benefit to such men.

I’d say why wait? Why not to start setting our futures ourselves.

What I as a woman from such a society care about is if the way remains open to all other women who still haven’t got a chance to be themselves and practice the very basic rights that they should have as human beings. The woman who does have the right to have her nose; will justice be done to her? Or, will everyone return to the same point where they were before and still are; another return to darkness and misery; and another repetition of history.

To rebuild Afghanistan people should not keep quite; they should speak up.

I am going to stand up strongly in my shoes just as a strong woman and will give hand to as many as possible so that they stand up beside and with me.

The only aim is to explain to people that they should not get disappointed and run away from such situation since if we don’t stand up who will to reconstruct what we once had and the betters that we can have.

Every nation torn apart and every crack in society deserves a chance to be rebuilt and repaired. I am going to be this chance and a restorer of hope in people’s heart; each and every one of us is the chance and hope for our nations, for any nation.

So, as long as we stand up and don’t give up on our hopes; we can do anything because we’ve got the power of women, of togetherness, and most importantly of hope, the greatest power.

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    Dec 16, 2013
    Dec 16, 2013

    i admire u because i know that while you have hope to same thing exactly you get it be courage my dear friend our future will shining

  • Rabia Salihi
    Dec 16, 2013
    Dec 16, 2013

    Dear Mososo, I am glad that you feel that way. That is a very good point about writing and sharing; to have hope and courage, and to give and increase. Loves,