Hi Everyone!

We should have your list of assignments to you by the end of the business day (Portland, Oregon time which is GMT-7) today. Because some of your emails occasionally bounce back, we will post the link (same one as you were given earlier) here in the group.

Please make sure you have the link to the evaluation document as well. If you don't, please email scott@worldpulse.com ASAP. We are keeping that link private to ensure the security of the evaluation process.

Thank you!


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Hey Rachael:

I'd like to know what time is the end of your business day? So, I can count the time gap, and let you know if I don't receive the email you mentioned :)

But so far, I always receive your emails :)

Thank you.

Cheers: Mia

Thanks for all the clarifying information. I'm assuming that the web assignment document will remain blank until you send the assignments. Do I already have a listener ID number or will I receive that today as well? Just curious and hoping I get this process underway on time.

I like your Rob Brezny quote. We were friends from 'back in the day' in Santa Cruz during the outrageous political underground music scene of the 1980s, including Tao Chemical. I still love his profound insights and humorous observations found in his Real Astrology column.

Kathleen Abood

Hi Kathleen,

I am just about to post the information with the weekly assignments now! You already have a Listener ID number (it's your PulseWire ID number).

Thrilled that this all came together before 3pm, whew! :)

I love Real Astrology too. He's hilarious, but profound... you're right! How cool that you were buddies...

Cheers, Scott

Scott Beck

Dear Kathleen,

How funny, Rob Brezny has been a connection for two people on PulseWire now! A woman from Barbados emailed me saying how his quote on my tagline caught her attention as well, and that she reads him on a regular basis! Wonderful that you actually know the man in person--he has some amazing insights!

Scott answered your questions above, but please feel free to let us know if you have anything else!

Kind regards, Rachael

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