Dear Midwives and Mentors,

Happy holiday season! As we get closer to the deadline for the first assignment for Voices of Our Future correspondents, I wanted to ensure that you have all the links necessary to our many program web pages, send a reminder about roles, and share a few technology tips.

Important Links Main program page: Online Classroom: Correspondent Group Page on PulseWire: Mentor and Midwife Group Page on PulseWire:

You can also search for our program pages by going to the "Group Directory" tab listed under PulseWire.

Please remember to review the learning materials and assignment instructions for Module 1, as you will be helping us to evaluate assignments. We will be sending an email explaining the evaluation process this week!


It's always useful to have a quick reminder about roles during the program. We understand that there will be some overlap between mentors and midwives, but we'd like to ask each of you to stay within the goals/guidelines of your particular role as much as possible, to ensure that Correspondents are not confused and can get as much out of this program as possible.

You can review your welcome manual for full details, but the basics are:

Empowerment Mentors: Help correspondents overcome any psychological or emotional barriers they have to completing the program and help them hone their unique vision.

Editorial Midwives: Help correspondents overcome any communications barriers they have to completing the program, and help correspondents hone their unique voice.

Technology Tips

If you don't already have a profile on PulseWire, go to

The easiest way to stay in touch with your Correspondent and read her recent posts, is by adding her to your community. Go to our main program page; scroll down to find your correspondent; click on her profile; click on the orange button that says "add to my community".

You can also go to the "Member Directory" tab under PulseWire to search for your correspondent.

Remember, if you have a useful tidbit of information that you want to share with other mentors and midwives, please post it in the group journal (click "contribute" above).