Dear Correspondents,

So many of you have told me about your inspiring plans for spreading your new knowledge and skills through Each One Teach Five. Sapna is going to be holding a training for 150 university students in Assam, and Ruun Abdi is holding workshops in her community in partnership with another social activist.

I would love it if you could share your plans with the group, and share your experience once you've finished your trainings. We can all take inspiration from your success!

And just a quick reminder--there are two things we are asking you to do with Each One Teach Five: one, we would like you to help 5 other women start profiles on PulseWire; and two, we would like you to teach those five (or more!) women about some aspect of the Voices of Our Future training program. That means you can share your knowledge about Web 2.0, citizen journalism or empowerment. You don't have to cover all the topics, but you can if you want to. You are also welcome to include men in your trainings. We just ask that you at least reach out to 5 women--but beyond that, it is up to you!

Please make sure to use the helpful event tracking sheet listed in the classroom, or some similar version. We would love to receive copies of these, or you can just email us the information as well. Keeping track of your trainings helps us track the program's success!

This group is a great place to brainstorm possibilities. And feel free to reach out to Scott and myself for help or assistance. For instance, Ruun Abdi is asking me to call in as a guest speaker for during her training. Be creative and share your ideas with us!

Kindest regards,


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Dear Rachel,

I have finished a wordpress for the group where I want them to share everything they want. Like our journal but a journal made by all of us. I am proposing that aswell for woman here. This wordpress is our soul voices. That is the name and soon I will share the site so everyone could write and post their woman here are going to share aswell things in that wordpress in our mother tongue.

Basically I want each one to create their own page. Their own design....their own color, their own type letter....because I want to see how our diversity makes a different. And that way I can document everything.

I am planning my one teach five and have already talk to my woman for a workshop.



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HAGA ALGO........ lo que lo haga feliz!

Y tan sólo recuerde que las soluciones a problemas globales dependen de cada individuo.

Dearest Rachel,

Yes this is so inspiring. Am so encouraged this morning to hear that Ruun has asked you to be the guest speaker. Indeed we need to explore and to be creative in this as well we ought to unleash our potentials with passion.

Thanks for bringing this to us.We will definately share our Each One Teach Five .



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I think I have listed out few ways on the survey. My multilingual skills are going to be useful! I am more interested in working with partnership specialized NGO’s to reach a certain kind of audience. I interact with a lot of women at different level e.g. professionals, students, NGO so I hope to develop and hold different types of workshop for each audience, including different fun techniques incorporated in each session. I am glad I am acquainted with few ‘workshop gurus’ who generously offered me some amazing tips

My main tool would be slides and I would start off with providing an elaborate introduction which would include a few selected stories of my fellow correspondents and their introduction. Introducing new ideas/concepts/techniques is very difficult in my country so having a broad understanding of what it is will inspire and motivate them immensely. And yes! There would definitely be men.