Dear Mentors and Midwives,

I have received a few messages from you asking where you should post your connecting letter to your correspondent. First of all, thank you for being so pro-active and getting this done so quickly!

Please send your connecting letter to your correspondent through private messaging on PulseWire, or via personal email if she has indicated this is the best way to connect.

And most importantly, if any of you are having difficulty in reaching your correspondent, please contact us immediately. We want to ensure that the program kicks off strongly, and to do that, these relationships need to be in place.

Kind regards,


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Hi there!

My correspondent and I have been sharing information via pulse wire in messages, commenting on each others posts and the like. In one of your messages you mentioned looking at their assigments. I did not understand where on pulsewire this would be? Is it her journal? Or?

Hi Christie,

You are correct, your Correspondents' four assignments from the application will appear in her journal. The links are also included in the "2011 Contact List" document that Rachael emailed a while back.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have other questions.

Best wishes, Scott

Scott Beck