Rachel Erwin
Posted August 10, 2010 from United States

I am interested in what people are doing in regards to trauma. What are the mental health programs out there that are engaged in trauma work? What are the methods that people are adopting to address this pressing issue? I have been working hard to create a program that addresses trauma from the perspective of the nervous system. At the SAGE Project we are using a hybrid approach that includes acupuncture, intensive case management, health education, addiction counseling and EMDR; both individual as well as group therapy: all which creates a context of healing from the cycle of violence that perpetuates the systems of trauma both in the individual as well as the societies that are suffering from the effects caused from trauma. I have just done a research project that shows that our approach greatly reduces the effects of PTSD. I am interested in hearing what other people are doing and what the results are. My dream is to create programs that help people clear the trauma from their nervous system and to promote healing wherever the need is. I would love to hear from you.

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