I am a slave To that which tells me I am Flawed, To that which sets my Standard of Beauty.

I am a slave To those who Judge me, To those who are, themselves, Insecure and Vulnerable.

I am a slave To the culture, To the media, And to myself.

I’d die to be thin, But at least I’ll be accepted.

I am a slave.

Fear and Anxiety Hold me Captive. They are my Drugs, My secret Addictions.

I am a slave Imprisoned by the Unattainable Statute of Perfection, I am a Renegade violating the Law of Beauty.

I am a slave Flogged by its Power, By its Control Over my Happiness.

I am a slave Determined to be everything I am not, Unfailing.

I am a slave To think I can Achieve the Impossible, To go through battle untouched.

I am a slave Because I have set myself up To Fail, But I am ignorant of it.

I am Forsaken In the Eyes Of Love’s Desire To Change me.

I am a slave Defeated. Broken. I am a slave Naked. Alone.

I Breathe With inhibition… With Pain… With Emptiness…

I was a slave…

…now I am free.